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More Irish Numbers Practice: Orduimhreacha i dTeidil Scannán — Aistrithe go Gaeilge Posted by on Aug 16, 2017 in Irish Language

(le Róislín)

Since we’ve been on an “orduimhreacha” roll recently (nasc thíos), I thought it would be fun to try some more examples, this time embedded in Irish versions of famous (or not-so-famous) film titles.  So I’ll provide the Irish phrase for context, and see if you can fill in the blank, using the ordinal number with the right suffix.  Not that hard since there are only three patterns for making ordinal numbers in Irish.  And one of them is the “-ú” ending we’ve seen before.  The other two I’m leaving up to you to remember!

For simplicity’s sake, I’m focusing on “first” to “tenth” here.  Eventually maybe I’ll look for some examples of film titles with numbers like “eighty-sixth” or “thirty-ninth.”

Freagraí thíos.

BTW, for any teachers using this, it’s pretty self-explanatory, and the ordinal numbers from 1 to 10 are usually taught pretty early on in any course sequence.  So I’m not teaching them here as such, but they can be found in the answer key, of course.  The date of the film, given in parentheses, may help trigger one’s memory of the film.  The blanks are all the same length; they don’t indicate the length of the word.  NB: Mar leid, tá cás amháin de shéimhiú/urú ann agus cás amháin den litir “t” mar réimír.

BTW2, I’m not presenting the ordinals in numerical sequence.  That would take away some of the “dúshlán“!  The film titles are in roughly alphabetical order.

BTW3, as far as I know, none of these have official Irish-language titles.  If they do exist, there could be slight variations, since there are often multiple choices for translations.

Ainm an Scannáin Dáta
e). An  _____  Muscaedóir 1979
i). An  _____  Cumraíocht 1980
a). An Réaltaistear: An _____ Teagmháil 1996
g). An  _____  hAbhac 2015
d). Breithe ar an  _____  gCeathrú Lá d’Iúil 1989
c). Dlúth-theagmhálacha den  _____  Cineál 1977
h). Kong:  _____  hIontas an Domhain 2005
j). Muiscít ar an  _____   hUrlár 1983
f). Ósta an  _____  hÁthais 1958
b). Siorcnado: An  _____  Ceann 2014

Gheobhaidh tú na freagraí (agus cúpla nóta) thíos.  Tá súil agam gur bhain tú sult as!  SGF  — Róislín

NascSaying Ordinal Numbers Out Loud in Irish: Ag rá orduimhreacha os ard i nGaeilge Posted by  on Aug 13, 2017 in Irish Language

A few “orduimhreacha” were used in the blogpost before that, on dates of eclipses, which is what triggered the August 13 post: Discussing The Moon and Eclipses in Irish: Foirmeacha an Fhocail ‘Gealach’ agus Lánuruithe i 2018 agus i 2019 Posted by  on Aug 8, 2017 in Irish Language

Freagraí, and btw, they’re sorted numerically here, to help reinforce the sequence from “first” to “tenth.”

Ainm an Scannáin Dáta Teideal i mBéarla
a). An Réaltaistear: An Chéad Teagmháil 1996 Star Trek: First Contact
b). *Siorcnado: An Dara Ceann 2014 Sharknado: The Second One
c). Dlúth-theagmhálacha den Tríú Cineál 1977 Close Encounters of the Third Kind
d). Breithe ar an gCeathrú Lá d’Iúil (OR: … ar an Cheathrú …) 1989 Born on the Fourth of July
e). An Cúigiú Muscaedóir 1979 The Fifth Musketeer
f). Ósta an tSéú hÁthais 1958 The Inn of the Sixth Happiness
g). An Seachtú hAbhac 2015 The Seventh Dwarf (ón nGearmáinis Der 7bte Zwerg [sic]
h). Kong: Ochtú hIontas an Domhain 2005 Kong: Eighth Wonder of the World (aka King Kong)
i). An Naoú Cumraíocht 1980 The Ninth Configuration
j). Muiscít ar an Deichiú hUrlár 1983 Mosquito on the Tenth Floor (ón tSeapáinis “Jukkai no Mosukîto”

Cúpla nóta:

a) In English, “Star Trek: First Contact” has no “the” — Irish has a tendency to use the definite article a little more often than English

b) Sharknado: The Second One. OK, I basically made up ” *Siorcnado,” but it is based on the Irish for “shark” (siorc), unless, that is, you’re talking about a few types of sharks that are not called “siorc” in Irish (liamháin gréine, basking shark, agus sionnach mara, thresher shark aka sea fox; tá dornán eile ann, b’fhéidir ábhar blag eile?  Teideal, b’fhéidir, “When is a Shark not a ‘Siorc’?)

f) Simply “hÁthas” (without the “i”) is also possible, since we can use either nominative or genitive here — amazing to actually have a choice!  Also, the word “the” drops out of the initial position in Irish phrases like “the X of the Y,” so here we literally have “Inn of the Sixth Happiness” but it’s understood as “The Inn of the Sixth Happiness.”

h) Teideal mealltóige, leis an fhírinne a dhéanamh. “King Kong” an gnáth-theideal.

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