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Il Congiuntivo quiz – the answers Posted by on Aug 27, 2021

Ciao a tutti! Last week I presented a quiz on the subjunctive, and I received lots of responses! See the answers below to see how you did: I think they are rich. – Penso che siano ricchi. I want you to work. – Voglio che tu lavori. The teacher wants the students to listen. –…

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Il Congiuntivo – Irregular verbs + Quiz! Posted by on Aug 20, 2021

Ciao a tutti! Here is a list of irregular verbs in the present subjunctive. Below, there is a quiz with some sentences to translate into Italian in the comments. There is a little bonus sentence that’s extra difficult, try it out. ūüôā Buona fortuna! List of irregular verbs in the present subjunctive: Essere (to be)…

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The subjunctive – Il congiuntivo Posted by on Aug 13, 2021

Ciao a tutti!¬† Today let’s talk about il congiuntivo, the subjunctive tense. The subjunctive indicates a subjective attitude toward the action or situation described by the verb. It is used to express wishes,¬†thoughts,¬†beliefs,¬†worries, and¬†doubt (voglio che¬†(I¬†want¬†that),¬†spero che¬†(I¬†hope¬†that),¬†penso che¬†(I¬†think¬†that),¬†credo che¬†(I¬†believe¬†that),¬†temo che¬†(I‚Äôm¬†afraid¬†that),¬†dubito che¬†(I¬†doubt¬†that): Penso che legga – (I think he’s reading) Non sono sicura che abbia venduto…

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Temporale Estivo Posted by on Aug 6, 2021

Ciao a tutti!¬† Seeing as summer is in full swing, I wanted to share a summer inspired poesia (poem): Temporale Estivo – “Summer Lightening Storm” written by Federigo Tozzi (1883-1920). Some of Federigo Tozzi’s background according to wikipedia: “Tozzi was the son of an innkeeper. He initially worked as a railway official, but took over…

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