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Alcune Battute Posted by on Jun 27, 2012 in Italian Language

Personally, I’ve always found humour a really useful means of helping me to improve my Italian. Our zio (uncle) Luciano who is in his 80’s is an inexhaustible font of battute (jokes), many of which have stuck in my mind and helped me out later on, not only in making an attempt at getting a laugh out of Italian friends, but also in terms of enhancing my colloquial vocabulary. Here is a small selection of battute that I found on the internet, together with my translations.


That moment in which you find yourself trapped in the corner of the shower because suddenly only cold water comes out


I really really really love you – Uh silly little thing

foolish  boy – stupid girl

cretin – idiot

ass-hole – whore



Mother! Father! – What?

I’ve got a girl pregnant – You What?

I was joking, I didn’t pass the maths exam – Thank God!

Manipulate the news to get escape trouble with your parents



MY FATHER AT 2 IN THE MORNING – turn that shit off and go to sleep!


My school – What I see – What my parents see – What the teachers see

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  1. joseph:

    very enjoyable.thanks

  2. Moody:

    LMAO.. this is funny.. and i liked the way that we can learn Italian with humor definitely.. Do you have a specific Website that present those funny pictures ? i only can find the English ones, but if i got the Italian versions that would help a lot.


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