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Camping in Italian Posted by on Aug 20, 2020 in Italian Language

Ciao a tutti i miei cari amici! 

Today we are going to talk and discover some camping vocabulary in Italian. Just like in the USA, camping is a popular pastime in Italy. Wild camping is forbidden in national parks, however, so if you ever want to camp make sure you find a dedicated campsite.

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The verb to camp in Italian, accamparsi, is reflexive. Literally it means “to camp oneself.” Here are the reflexive pronouns: mi, ti, si, ci, vi, si. 

When conjugating a reflexive verb, you drop the si and then you conjugate it as you would a regular verb – by again dropping the ar and adding the correct ending. In the past tense, reflexive verbs always take ‘essere‘ as their helping verb. Let’s see this in action:

Mi accampo – I camp (myself)

Ti accampi – You camp (yourself)

Si accampa – He/She camps (himself, herself)

Ci accampiamo – We are camping (ourselves)

Vi accampate – You all are camping (yoursevles)

Si accampano – They are camping (themselves)

We could also say “accampiamoci!” to say “let’s go camping!” but literally “let’s camp ourselves!” Grammatically, this is a command, and that is why the ci goes at the end of the verb.

Now, let’s look at this verb in the past tense.

Mi sono accampato/a – I camped (myself)

Ti sei accampato/a – You camped (yourself)

Si è accampato/a – She/He camped (himself/herself)

Ci siamo accampati/e – We camped (ourselves)

Vi siete accampati/e – You all camped (yourselves)

Si sono accampati/e – They camped (themselves)

You may have noticed the o/a or i/e – that is because since the verb uses essere as the helping verb, the past participle needs to make agreement with the gender and number of the subject! So depending upon if the subject is masculine singular (o), feminine singular (a), masculine plural (i), or feminine plural (e).

And here is some vocabolario: 

Il sacco a pelo – sleeping bag

Il campeggio – campsite

Il binocolo – binoculars

La bussola – compass

La corda – rope

Uno zaino – a backpack

Un’accetta – a hatchet

Un cappello da baseball – a baseball cap

Una cartina – a map

Una torcia elettrica – a flashlight

Un thermos – a thermos

Le scarpe da trekking – hiking shoes

La borraccia – water bottle

Una tenda – a tent

La repellente per zanzare – mosquito repellant

Un falò – a campfire

Il fornellino da campeggio – camp stove

I fiammiferi – matches

Un coltellino svizzero- a Swiss army knife

Un kit di pronto soccorso a first aid kit

Do you know any more useful camping vocabulary in Italian? Comment it below!

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  1. Eveline Steg:

    Buona sera, I found a mistake: Ti sei accampati – You camped – correct is: ti sei accampato/a.
    Con cordiali saluti – Eveline Steg

  2. Leti:

    Here are some more vocabulary words:
    il bivacco camping shelter
    il camper camper van
    fare escursionismo to go hiking
    montare la tenda to pitch the tent
    i ramponi crampons
    la roulette camping trailer
    il sentiero path
    la stuoia sleeping mat
    il trekking hiking

  3. Mitch:

    This is the clearest, most concise walk through of reflexive verbs I’ve come across. After reading your post I actually understand both the How and the Why of using these verbs.
    Thank you – I’ve copied the explanation and the examples into my grammar notebook as a ready reference.

    • Bridgette:

      @Mitch Mitch, your comment certainly put a smile on my face! So glad to help. Thank you.

  4. Adrian Otsa:

    un camper – a motorhome

  5. Senter jackson:

    Dovrebbe essere, “ti sei accampato” , singular…. mi godi il tuo web-site!!

  6. marijke:

    3 more essential things, unless you go ‘glamping’:
    – air mattress = materassino gonfiabile
    – foot pump = pompa (aria) a pedale
    – telo (per tende) = (tent) groundcloth
    Compliments on your great blog! I love reading them.

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