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Daily Routine Posted by on Jan 21, 2022

Ciao a tutti!  Today I wanted to share some reading practice around daily routine. As you may know, a lot of daily routine verbs are reflexive, and therefore need to include a reflexive pronoun when conjugating them. The pronomi riflessivi (reflexive pronouns) are: mi (myself) ti (yourself singular informal) si (himself/herself/yourself singular formal) ci (ourselves)…

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Answers – Relative Pronouns Quiz Posted by on Nov 5, 2021

Ciao a tutti! Last week we saw a quiz about relative pronouns. Vediamo adesso le risposte – let’s see the answers now (translation is below): ____________________________________________ Conosci il signore che è entrato nel bar? Come si chiama l’aperitivo che avete ordinato? Quello che studi è difficile da imparare? Chi capisce i relativi è bravo! Non…

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Italian Conjunctions Posted by on Oct 8, 2021

Ciao a tutti! Today we are going to talk about conjunctions in Italian. In grammar conjunctions join words, phrases and clauses. For example: Per favore guarda il mio bagaglio, mentre compro il biglietto. Please watch my baggage while I buy my ticket. E’ bella, però non mi piace. She is beautiful, however I do not…

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Il Congiuntivo quiz – the answers Posted by on Aug 27, 2021

Ciao a tutti! Last week I presented a quiz on the subjunctive, and I received lots of responses! See the answers below to see how you did: I think they are rich. – Penso che siano ricchi. I want you to work. – Voglio che tu lavori. The teacher wants the students to listen. –…

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Il Congiuntivo – Irregular verbs + Quiz! Posted by on Aug 20, 2021

Ciao a tutti! Here is a list of irregular verbs in the present subjunctive. Below, there is a quiz with some sentences to translate into Italian in the comments. There is a little bonus sentence that’s extra difficult, try it out. 🙂 Buona fortuna! List of irregular verbs in the present subjunctive: Essere (to be)…

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The subjunctive – Il congiuntivo Posted by on Aug 13, 2021

Ciao a tutti!  Today let’s talk about il congiuntivo, the subjunctive tense. The subjunctive indicates a subjective attitude toward the action or situation described by the verb. It is used to express wishes, thoughts, beliefs, worries, and doubt (voglio che (I want that), spero che (I hope that), penso che (I think that), credo che (I believe that), temo che (I’m afraid that), dubito che (I doubt that): Penso che legga – (I think he’s reading) Non sono sicura che abbia venduto…

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lei, Lei or..? Posted by on Jun 18, 2021

Ciao a tutti, Last week you read a professional and formal exchange between a real estate agent and a woman, and you may have noticed something strange: Professoressa Landini: Pronto, chiamo per un annuncio che ho visto sul vostro sito. (Hello, I am calling about an announcement that I saw on your website.) Agente immobiliare: Certo Signora…

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