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Helpful Labels – The Car Posted by on Jan 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

In our previous ‘Helpful Labels’ posts we looked at short, useful phrases which could be made into labels and placed strategically in relevant places around  the house.

Today we are going out and about in the car. Sticking labels all over the interior of your car may not be very practical, so we’ll leave it up to you to decide what works best. However, you can always keep a phrase list in the glove compartment, then next time you’re stuck in a traffic jam you’ll have something useful to keep your mind occupied!

June 2012 059

Serena meets an old friend, the mythical FIAT Topolino, predecessor of the Cinquecento. Photo by Geoff

Here are some phrases which you should find helpful when talking about cars

apro la portiera or lo sportello = I open the door

chiudo la portiera or  lo sportello = I close the door

salgo in macchina = I get into the car

scendo dalla macchina = I get out of the car

allaccio la cintura di sicurezza = I fasten my seat belt

slaccio la cintura di sicurezza = I unfasten my seat belt

aggiusto il sedile = I adjust the seat

guardo nello specchietto retrovisore = I look in the rear-view mirror

abbasso il finestrino = I lower the window

alzo il finestrino = I raise the window

metto in moto la macchina = I start the car, or accendo il motore = I turn on the engine

spengo il motore = I turn off the engine

ingrano or innesto la marcia = I shift into gear

metto in folle = I shift into neutral

metto il freno a mano = put on the handbrake

tolgo il freno a mano = I take off the handbrake

Incidente Macchina (24)

Some German visitors to our village demonstrate how not to park the car! Photo by Geoff. The car park is in the top left corner of the photo. (It’s a long story)

parcheggio or posteggio la macchina = I park the car

metto la freccia a destra/sinistra = I put the right/left indicator on

svolto a destra/sinistra = I turn right/left

accendo i fari = I switch on the headlights

accelero = I accelerate

rallento = I slow down

freno = I brake

fermo la macchina = I stop the car

faccio retromarcia = I reverse

faccio benzina or faccio il pieno = I put petrol/gas in or I fill up the tank

suono il clacson = I honk the horn

and finally ……. speriamo ….. guido la macchina! = I drive the car!

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