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I Giochi Olimpici – The Olympic Games Posted by on Jul 29, 2021 in Culture, Italian Language


Ciao a tutti!

Tutto il mondo guarda i migliori atleti di oltre 200 nazioni che competono l’uno contro l’altro. (The whole world is watching the best athletes from over 200 nations compete against each other.) Ecco gli olimpiadi Tokyo 2020! (Here are the Tokyo 2020 Olympics!)

Are you watching Italy (or the ‘blues’, gli azzurri) closely during the Olympic games in Japan?

As of this blog, le medaglie azzurre sono 19: 2 oro, 7 argenti, e 10 bronzi. (The ‘blue1referring to the national team of Italy‘ medals are 19: 2 gold, 7 silver, and 10 bronze.)

One of the bronze medals was won by 19 year old Federico Burdisso nei 200 farfalla: il nuoto. (200 meter butterfly: swimming) Speaking to reporters, he talked about his academic career (he’s a student of Math, Science, and Economics at Northwestern University) and his future in the Olympics:

“Potrei pensare a una carriera accademica, ma prima voglio concentrarmi solo sul nuoto e capire cosa posso fare alle prossime Olimpiadi”. 

On the women’s side of swimming Italy is saying goodbye to a long term Olympic champion, Federica Pellegrini. She is the first female Olympic champion in the history of Italian swimming and the only Italian swimmer to have set world records in more than one event.

At the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, she qualified for the final of the 200m freestyle. This made her the second swimmer in history (after Michael Phelps) to qualify for the final of the same event five times. She finished in 7th place.

Le emozioni di Federica Pellegrini che chiude la sua carriera… the emotions of Federica Pellegrini who is ending her career:

Forza Azzurri!


Some Olympic related vocabulary:

Più veloce, più in alto, più forte – the Olympic motto: faster, higher, stronger

Mondovisione – worldwide broadcast

Spirito sportivo – sportsmanship

Villaggio olimpico – Olympic Village

La squadra nazionale – the national team

Il record personale – personal record

Il record olympico – Olympic record 

Un nuovo record del mondo – a new world record

 I vincitori – the winners

 Salire sul podio – to mount the podium

Il bronzo – bronze

 L’argento – silver

L’oro – gold

Inno nazionale – the national anthem

La ceremonia di apertura – opening ceremony

 Città ospitante – the host city

La parata della nazioni – the parade of nations

 La fiamma olimpica – the Olympic flame

Il tedoforo- the torchbearer

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    referring to the national team of Italy
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