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I love you, I like you, in Italian Posted by on Dec 3, 2021 in Italian Language

Ciao a tutti!

Come state? How are you all? Today let’s look at home to express your feelings for that special someone in your life – in Italiano!

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Piacere – to like (to be pleasing to..)

(Tu) mi piaci – I like you (lit. you are pleasing to me)

Piacere is conjugated much differently than other verbs. It literally means something is pleasing to you (whether that me a person or something else!) Therefore, watch the subject of the verb piacere when conjugating – the verb agrees with the thing being liked, not the person who likes it. (another example of a verb like this – mancare (to miss) mi manchi – I miss you [you are missing to me])

Other examples:

Ti piaccio? – Do you like me? (Am I pleasing to you?)

A voi piace il calcio – You all like soccer (To you all soccer is pleasing)

Mi piacciono i gatti – I like cats (Cats are pleasing to me)

Adorare – to adore 

This one is straight forward and although it’s not the typical way to say I love you, I still think it deserves a shout out!

Ti adoro, tesoro – I adore you, treasure (a cute pet-name!)

Amare – to love

Straightforward and simple, this is the way you express romantic love in Italian.

Ti amo – I love you

Sono innamorato(a) di te – I am in love with you

Ci siamo innamorati/e – We fell in love

Ti amo da morire – I love you to death

Ti amo per sempre – I love you forever

Ti amo più oggi di ieri ma meno di domani – I love you more today than yesterday but less than tomorrow

Ti amo con tutto il cuore – I love you with all my heart

Volere bene a qualcuno –  to want someone well

Ok, this one is a bit tricky. Literally this verb means you want someone to be well, or in other words you really care for them. But is it love, or is it just like?

This expression will be used when showing love to family members, friends or other uncommitted relationships. Therefore, if you’re casually seeing someone, this doesn’t translate as ‘love’ in the same way as ‘ti amo.’ Think of this as more so platonic love that you have for your friends, family, and other people you care about. 😊

Ti voglio (tanto) bene – I like you, love you, really care for you (lit. I want you well)

Ti voglio un mondo di bene – I really like you, love you (I want a world of good for you)


Lasciate un commento with more ways to express those warm and fuzzy feelings in Italian!

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    But how should we say ‘I love cats’?


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