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Idiomatic Expressions with Colors Posted by on Apr 30, 2021 in Idioms, Italian Language

Le espressioni idiomatiche con i colori – Idiomatic expressions with colors 

Ciao a tutti!

We all know how important idiomatic expressions are when learning a language, for comprehension as well as to sound more like a native speaker. Here’s a list of some idiomatic expressions specifically with color.

Passare la notte in bianco

Translation: to spend the night in white

Meaning: to have a sleepless night

Essere al verde

Translation: to be in the green

Meaning: to be broke (to have no money)

Fare una settimana bianca

Translation: to do a white week

Meaning: to go on a ski trip

Essere verde dall’invidia 

Translation: to be green from envy

Meaning: to be green with envy (to be jealous)

Di punto in bianco 

Translation: at point in white

Meaning: from out of nowhere

Mettere nero su bianco

Translation: to put black on white

Meaning: to put it in black and white (to write it down)

Dirne di tutti i colori

Translation: to say things of every color

Meaning: to say all sorts of things

Vedere tutto nero 

Translation: to see everything black

Meaning: to see things in a negative light

Vedere tutto rosa

Translation: to see everything rose-colored

Meaning: to go through life with rose-colored glasses (to be optimistic)

Fare/Dare un assegno in bianco

Translation: to give a white check

Meaning: to give a blank check

Mangiare in bianco

Translation: to eat in white

Meaning: to eat light, plain food

Andare in bianco

Translation: to go white

Meaning: to fail (at a romanic relationship)

Essere una mosca bianca

Translation: to be a white fly

Meaning: to be the only one who is different (positive or negative)

Essere la pecora nera della famiglia

Translation: to be the black sheep of the family

Meaning: to be the one who is different

Essere d’umore nero

Translation: to be in a black mood

Meaning: to be in a really bad mood

Lavorare in nero

Translation: to work in black

Meaning: to work and be paid under the table

Cronaca nera

Translation: black news

Meaning: crime news

Una giornata grigia

Translation: a gray day

Meaning: a difficult day, a hard day

Avere il pollice verde

Translation: to have the green thumb

Meaning: to have a green thumb (to be good with plants)

Vedere i sorci verdi

Translation: to see green mice

Meaning: to go through something very difficult

Cronaca (o film) rosa

Translation: pink news or film

Meaning: gossip news or ‘chick flick’

Romanzi (o film) gialli

Translation: yellow novels or movies

Meaning: crime novels or movies


Ne sapete una? Do you know one? Write it below!

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  1. Jan Mackay:

    This is so good….Thank-you very much….fascinating!
    Just one small thing…by ‘check’ do you mean ‘cheque’ in the monetary sense?
    Grazie mille 😀

    • Bridgette:

      @Jan Mackay Yes! In American English we write ‘check’ – so I’m guessing you are from the UK. 🙂

  2. Rosanna McFarlin:

    Tutte frasi idiomatiche che si usano spesso. Grazie.

  3. Leah:

    Hehe, “vedere i sorci verdi”– mi place quest’uno tanto. 🙂 Mi fa sorridere. Non ho sentito prima di adesso.

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