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Giornata della terra Posted by on Apr 22, 2021 in Environment, Vocabulary

Giornata della terra – Earth Day

Ciao a tutti!

Oggi è la giornata della terra, il giorno in cui si celebra la salvaguardia del pianeta Terra. Today is Earth Day, the day that the preservation of planet Earth is celebrated.

It has been recognized since April 22, 1970, when 20 million Americans poured into the streets to bring awareness to environmental issues. To this day, it remains the largest single day protest in human history. There are some events streaming online these next couple days to celebrate, if interested check it out here in English or here in Italian

Perhaps you enjoy already un stile di vita più sostenibile (a more sustainable lifestyle) or you would like to be un cittadino consapevole (a conscious citizen) and have un rapporto più armonioso tra uomo e natura (a more harmonious relationship between man and nature.) If so, then this holiday is for you! I hope you are celebrating today and thinking about the importance of preserving our beautiful planet.

Here’s some vocabulary in Italian in honor of this day: 

il mondo – world

il clima – climate

l’oceano – ocean

il riscaldamento globale – global warming

gli scienziati – scientists

la scienza – science

gli esperimenti – experiments

la ricerca – research

gli attivisti – activists

l’inquinamento – pollution

i rifiuti – garbage (waste)

il riciclaggio – recycling

la banchisa polare artica – polar ice caps

l’estinzione – extinction

la raccolta differenziata – waste separation

il vetro – glass

la carta – paper

la plastica – plastic

la lattina – can

il rifiuto organico – organic waste

il cassonetto – garbage container

la discarica – garbage dump

il suolo – ground

in via di estinzione – endangered

l’aria – air

l’ecologia – ecology

la ecosistema – ecosystem

ecologico – eco friendly

l’ambiente – environment

il buco nell’ozono – ozone hole

la siccità – drought

la foresta pluviale – rainforest
 la deforestazione – deforestation

l’effetto serra – greenhouse effect

conservare – to conserve

rispettare – to respect

riutilizzare – to reuse

riciclare – to recycle

inquinare – to pollute

buttare – to throw out

proteggere – to protect


Happy Earth Day to all!

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