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Il corpo, i verbi, e qualche espressione – The body, verbs, and some expressions

Some body vocabulary, as well as some verbs and expressions associated with that body part. If you know of any other vocabulary words, comment them below!


la testa – head

annuire – to nod/shake

girare – to turn

riempire la testa di [qlcn] di chiacchiere – to fill someone’s head with chatter


le orecchie – ears

sentire – to hear

ascoltare – to listen to

entrare da un orecchio e uscire dall’altro – to go in one ear and out the other

aguzzare le orecchie – to bend an ear (to listen)


l’occhio – eye gli occhi– eyes

il sopracciglio – eyebrow

le ciglia – eyelashes

vedere – to see

guardare – to watch

osservare – to observe

a colpo d’occhio – at a glance

una occhiata – a peek

battere gli occhi – to blink

ammiccare – to wink

fissare – to stare

occhio! – Watch out!

a occhio e croce – give or take, more or less


il naso – nose

respirare (attraverso il naso) – to breathe (through your nose)

sentire – to smell

annusare – to sniff

avere il naso che cola – to have a runny nose

soffiarsi il naso – to blow your nose

ficcare il naso, ficcanasare – to snoop around

davanti al naso – from under somebody’s nose

mettere il naso in – to poke your nose in

turarsi il naso – to pinch your nose (when something smells bad)

la bocca – mouth

le labbra – lips

i denti – teeth

la lingua tongue

mangiare – to eat

masticare – to chew

rosicchiare – to gnaw

baciare – to kiss

leccare – to lick

parlare – to talk

chiacchierare – to chat

respirare (attraverso la bocca) – to breathe (through your mouth)

sputare – to spit

sorseggiare – to sip

guardare a bocca aperta – to gawk (stare) at


la gola – throat

ingoiare – to swallow

schiarirti la gola – to clear your throat

spietato – cutthroat, ruthless

avere la raucedine – to have a frog in your throat

saltare alla gola di [qlcn] – to jump down someone’s throat

il collo – neck

torcere – to twist/wring/knot

rompersi l’osso del collo, rompersi il collo – to break your neck

stare col fiato sul collo a [qlcn] – to breathe down someone’s neck

rottura di scatole – pain in the neck

essere immerso fino al collo da [qlcs] – to be up to your neck in something







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  1. Alicia:

    Grazie mille per l’elenco delle cose importante della testa e del collo ma soprattutto le espressione commune!

  2. Anna:

    This is a great resource, with the many examples of using the names of body parts! Thank you Bridgette.

  3. Mick:

    What an excellent article on the body parts Thank you

  4. Blossom Lane:

    Yours is the most useful blog I’ve seen on learning Italian. I think it is very good because it connects the main concept/word to other related phrases. Thank you so much for the time you put into thinking these things through.

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