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Il corpo, i movimenti, e qualche espressione pt. 2 – The body, the movements, and some expressions pt. 2

A continuation from last week… please add any verbs, expressions or more body parts in the comments. Of course this isn’t an exhaustive list. 🙂


Il petto – chest 

tossire – to cough

dolore al petto – chest pain

le spalle – shoulders 

voltare le spalle a [qlcn], girare le spalle a [qlcn]  – to give someone the cold shoulder

slogarsi una spalla – to dislocate a shoulder

spalla su cui piangere – shoulder to cry on

lungo fino alle spalle – shoulder-length






la mano  – hand

essere colto con le mani nella marmellata – to be caught with your hands in the cookie jar (literally marmellata – jam, jelly)

di prima mano – firsthand

forzare la mano – to force someone’s hand

sfuggire di mano – to get out of hand

applaudire/battere le mani – to applaud/clap

stringere la mano – to shake hands

le dita – fingers

mostrare il dito medio a [qlcn] – to give someone the middle finger 

alzare un dito – to lift a finger

avere [qlcn] in pugno – to have someone twisted around your finger (literally pugno – fist)

puntare il dito verso – to point at

stuzzichini – finger foods

schioccare le dita – to snap your fingers

il polso – wrist
il gomito – elbow

la nocca – the knuckle

grattare – to scratch

tenere – to hold, to grasp

toccare – to touch

strofinare – to rub

schiaffeggiare, dare uno schiafo a [qlcn] – to slap, to give a slap to someone

un buffetto – a slap on the wrists

colpire con un pugno – to punch someone


lo stomaco – stomach

la pancia gonfia – bloated belly

digerire – to digest

ringhiare – to growl

far rivoltare lo stomaco – to turn your stomach (make you nauseous)

farfalle nello stomaco – butterflies in your stomach

far venire il voltastomaco – to be sick to your stomach


le gambe – legs

un occhio della testa – an arm and a leg (expensive, literally in Italian – an eye from the head)

un crampo alla gamba – a leg cramp

le ginocchia – knees

il ginocchio – knee

sommerso fino alle ginocchia, all’altezza del ginocchio – knee-deep

i piedi – feet

le dita dei piedi toes

la punta dei piedi – tippy-toe

dalla testa ai piedi – from head to foot

partire con il piede giusto – to get off on the right foot

partire con il piede sbagliato – to get off on the wrong foot

superare la prima tappa, superare il primo step – to get your foot in the door

portare l’acqua con le orecchie a [qlcn]  – to wait on someone hand and foot  (bring water with the ears)

stare in piedi – to stand

camminare – to walk

correre – to run

prendere a calci qualcuno – to kick someone

dare il calcio d’inizio – to kick off

scavalcare – to step over

inginocchiarsi – to kneel

mettersi in ginocchio – to get on your knees



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  1. Paulette:

    The word, “stomaco,” is irregular and we should say, “lo stomaco,” (not il).

  2. Tony:

    Maybe you want to correct “il stomaco” to “lo stomaco”

  3. Alicia Bucko:

    Another great list, thanks.

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