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You never know what might happen when you stroll across La Piazza Della Repubblica in Pontremoli. The other day, for example, I spotted the mayor, Lucia Baracchini, with a small group of ladies on one side of the piazza. I wandered over to greet her and have a quick chat, but much to my surprise found myself hijacked, and hustled into the ufficio di informazioni turistiche di Pontremoli for the inauguration of Pontremoli’s brand new Baby Pit Stop! Knowing that I’m an ‘International Blogger’ my services were spontaneously requested in order to share Pontremoli’s latest innovation with the the rest of the world.


“Magari ci potresti scrivere un piccolo articolo”, suggested counsellor Clara Cavellini. “Volentieri, se mi mandi due righe che spiegano la storia, in Italiano ovviamente…” was my reply, “oh, in italiano … grazie!” … laughed Clara, who describes her English as molto scarso, “infatti ho appena scritto un comunicato stampa, te lo mando subito via posta elettronica”.

Now you all know what a Baby Pit Stop is, don’t you? Yes, it’s that cosy little space set aside to provide a bit of privacy for mothers wishing to breast feed their baby. Of course Pontremoli, like most small Italian towns, has more than its fair share of Adult Pit Stops, better known as bars. But up until now there was a distinct lack of such a facility in the Baby department. Hence the Comune di Pontremoli, working alongside the Pro Loco set out to resolve the problem. The following excerpt from the official Comunicato Stampa explains the philosophy:

Dott.ssa Cinzia Luzi, dott.ssa Fabiola Salvetti and Pro.ssa Lucia Baracchini cut the ribbon at the inauguration of Pontremoli’s new Baby Pit Stop. Photo: Natalino Benacci by kind permission of La Nazione


Venerdì 17 alle ore 11 è stato inaugurato all’interno dell’ufficio di informazioni turistiche di Pontremoli in piazza della Repubblica un “Baby Pit Stop” ovvero un angolo dell’ufficio dove ogni mamma potrà allattare al seno in tranquillità durante le ore di apertura dell’ufficio stesso.
L’inaugurazione del Baby Pit Stop a Pontremoli rappresenta un piccolo ma importante gesto di attenzione da parte del Comune e della Pro loco per quella che costituisce un’esperienza unica nella vita della mamma e del suo bambino e fa parte del programma di iniziative intraprese dall’
ASL n.1 di Massa Carrara per la settimana mondiale della promozione dell’allattamento al seno.

Here’s my translation. Notice that as Italian sentences are frequently pretty long, it’s often a good idea to split them when translating into English, as I’ve done with the sentences below.


On Friday the 17th at 11 o’clock a “Baby Pit Stop” was inaugurated in the Pontremoli Tourist Information Office in piazza della Repubblica. The “Baby Pit Stop” is actually a corner inside the office itself where any mother can peacefully breastfeed during office opening hours.
The inauguration of the “Baby Pit Stop” in Pontremoli is a small but important gesture of care on behalf of the Council and the Pro Loco towards what is a unique experience in the life of a mother and her child. It’s part of a program of initiatives undertaken by ASL n.1, Massa Carrara, for the worldwide week promoting breastfeeding.

Bravi Comune di Pontremoli e Pro Loco Pontremoli, continuate così. What will happen next time I cross the piazza I wonder!

Pro loco = (Latin) literally: “in favor of the place”  Pro Loco wikipedia

ASL n.1 = Azienda Sanitaria Locale numero uno (Local Health Service number one) ASL wikipedia

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