Indovinello Fotografico 2 Posted by on Dec 18, 2009 in Italian Language

Here is the second of my photo quizzes, quite a tricky one this time although the botanically inclined amongst you may have an advantage! The first photo shows a wildflower that is quite common where we live, I also used to see them growing wild in England. The second photo is of the famous Torre di Pisa. I want you to tell me what the connection is between the flower and the tower. Now things get really tricky, although a knowledge of etymology (the origins of words) will certainly help you. The third photo shows a kennel, can you tell me the connection between La Torre di Pisa and the kennel?

I will follow this quiz up with a short explanatory blog.



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  1. Jan:

    Well, I’m getting the bellflower, bell tower connection of the first two photos, but you have me completely stumped on the connection with the dog and kennel. I guess I should go back to Latin class!

  2. Vince Mooney:

    Salve Serena:

    I know there is a ‘Campanile’ in Venice and Pisa. Are you associating ‘Campanile’ with the word


  3. andreas:

    Salve Serena!
    Il fiore e’ la campanella, e la torre e’ un campanile. Il cane vive in un canile; forse la stessa formazione; campana+ile e cane+ ile.

  4. Vince Mooney:

    Salve Serena:

    I should have added that the word for ‘kennel’ is ‘canile’. I should know this as I was in K9 on Aviano AB and worked dog shows for the Italians on NATO day. What fun.


  5. Serena:

    Bravi tutti, avevo paura che fosse troppo difficile, complimenti.

    A presto, Serena

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