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Il Dottore Delle Bambole – Part 3 – Traduzione Posted by on Oct 11, 2018

Ecco come promesso la traduzione italiana della terza parte del nostro giallo pubblicato all’inizio di questa settimana, Il Dottore Delle Bambole 3 Amongst his colleagues, Augusto’s choice of office was viewed as somewhat … let’s say ‘eccentric’. Certainly, a disused prison cell isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the…

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Al Mare, Part 2 – (Le Avventure Di Uno Scarpone) Posted by on Apr 13, 2018

You can find ‘Al Mare, Part 1’ here. Story by Geoff with Italian translation by Serena We reach the little hamlet of Montemarcello, the ubiquitous bar is located, coffee, focaccia and other nice things are ordered, and I take a well deserved rest with my brother Lefty, beneath the table out in the piazza. After…

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Al Mare – (Le Avventure Di Uno Scarpone) Posted by on Apr 10, 2018

Isn’t it about time our boot stopped gazing romantically at cute little blue shoes, got off his shelf, and did a bit of walking? you may ask. And you’d be right! After all, this is chapter 3 and so far 46R hasn’t taken a step. What kind of a boot story is this anyway? Note…

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Sono Innamorato – (Le Avventure Di Uno Scarpone) Posted by on Apr 5, 2018

Do you believe in love at first sight? I do … it happened to me … I’m in love! Story by Geoff with Italian translation by Serena Read part one here Thirty Eight Left … that’s her name. I guess that if you saw us together you’d maybe think us a mismatch. Me: rugged, practical…

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Le Avventure Di Uno Scarpone Posted by on Apr 3, 2018

I first saw him on a Wednesday, in October I think it was … or perhaps it was November. However, it was definitely a Wednesday, because it was market day in Pontremoli, and I was sitting atop my box in Piazza Italia wondering if today would be my lucky day. Story by Geoff with Italian…

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Sono Geoff – Part 2 Posted by on Feb 21, 2017

Wot I Lernd At Skool! – Kosa o imprato ha squola! My rather less than illustrious school career led me to a simple conclusion: I’m a ‘misfit’. La mia decisamente non tanto illustre carriera scolastica mi ha condotto ad una semplice conclusione: sono un ‘disadattato’. As a child, I naturally took my family environment to…

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Sono Geoff – Part 1 Posted by on Feb 8, 2017

Every now and then we get requests for biographies, to which we tend to mumble non-committal replies such as ‘okay, when we have time’. But one of you, dear readers, has been nagging us incessantly for some time now (yes, you know who you are!). And so … here it is! In order to make…

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