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As the manager of social media for Transparent Language, and on behalf of Geoff and Serena, I’d like to thank you for your tremendous showing of love and support for the two of them and their terrific blog. I have been a fan of this page for a long time and it’s nice to know that so many have felt the same. You have particularly been very kind in your comments on their final post. They have expressed to me how much your gracious words have meant to them. Geoff has asked me to address two concerns from many of you.

The blog will continue. Our new blogger, Bridgette, will be posting an introductory blog very soon. I think you’ll find that she has a lovely style and comes at her Italian post with a visitor’s enthusiasm and a linguistic curiosity. I can’t wait for you to get to know her.

Finally, you will still be able to access Serena and Geoff’s blogs in our archives. You can scroll all the way down to their very first blog, from August of 2008! They are also categorized, so you can easily review any topic.

Again, thank you for your loyalty to this space. And if you are interested in any of our other blogs, you can find them all listed on this page.

Grazie mille,

Gary Locke

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    Horee, very welcome Dear Bridgette.

  2. Frances B.:

    Will we automatically receive an email telling us that a new blog entry is available?

  3. D Heitman:

    I have greatly enjoyed Geoff’s and Serena’s blog for many years and wish them well on their new adventures. And, welcome Bridgette!

  4. Gloria Williams:

    Have loved every G and S blog. Trying to learn Italian they have helped me there with the bilingual posts and of course all the wonderful info about the place , the people, events and food!
    I am happy to welcome new blogger , but also wishing for an occasional travel blog from our wonderful duo , even one a month or two would be most welcome.
    Mi dispiace che Geoff e Serena dicono sono finito! Grazie per tutti informazione! Io capisco!

  5. BarbaraPhillips:

    Have enjoyed every blog and have found them most interesting and informative.They have helped me with my Italian but I do not have the courage to write this appreciation in Italian,may be next time.Mille grazie.

  6. Joseph:

    Grazie per i tue grande blog, sforzi e tempo che avete fatto. Buona fortuna per i tuoi futuri

  7. Vicki Silveri:

    Haven’t been reading as much lately due to circumstances. I do want to thank Geoff & Serena! Their blog has been very helpful to me in my endeavors to learn Italian in the past few years! Wishing them well!!

  8. Nancy:

    I have so enjoyed their blogs and I look forward yo continuing with a new blogger. I share them with my Italian class. Nancy

  9. Fara:

    Yes!!! Thank you!!!
    I just read brigette’s article on verona. Beautiful.

  10. Eddie Bowen:

    I was very saddened to read “parting words” as, although a late comer to the blog I had thoroughly enjoyed it.
    I am so very pleased to receive the news of Bridgette stepping into the “blog”. I look forward immensely to continuing with my learning of Italian with her.

  11. Martha Owens:

    Sometimes, I am a little slow reading all my email. I don’t know what to say….
    You’re done a great job and will be missed. Enjoy your new life direction and we’re sure you left your “baby” in good hands. Maybe you’ll visit with a guest blog “ogni tanto”

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