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10 most useful words for graduates in Japanese Posted by on Jun 13, 2016 in Culture, Grammar


This month, I would like to cover some topics that are more of a “month of June(6月、ろくがつ)” specific. Things we go through during the month of June, such as graduation, father’s day, and start of summer break etc.


With that said, to start off with our June blog specials, here is the article that is all about “graduation(Sotsugyo- 卒業、そつぎょう).  This is the time of the year when we all celebrate our accomplishments. You might be a graduate yourself, or perhaps your family members or friends might have just graduated or graduating soon.  Below, I will show you some of the “graduation-related Japanese words”~ 10 most useful words for graduates in Japanese~


  • Sotsugyo (卒業、そつぎょう) – graduation


  • Sotsugyo shiki (卒業式、そつぎょうしき) – graduation ceremony


~ 10 most useful words for graduates in Japanese~


  1. Gosotsugyo omedeto gozaimasu. ご卒業 おめでとう ございます。(ごぞつぎょう おめでとう ございます。) – Congratulation on your graduation!   ~ This is a formal expression, congratulating someone on his/her graduation.


2.  Sotsugyo omedeto! .  卒業 おめでとう。(ぞつぎょう おめでとう。)-Congrats on your graduation! ~ This is much more informal expression.


3.   Imamade hontou ni ganbattane! (今まで 本当に がんばったね! いままで ほんとうに がんばったね。) -You worked so hard up to now.


4.  Yattane, Omedetou (やったね、おめでとう!) – You did it, Congrats! –


5. Korekarano katsuyaku o kitai shiteimasu. (これからの 活躍を 期待しています。これからの かつやくを きたいしています。)- Wishing you the best of luck for your next adventure!


6.  Karadani kio tsukete ganbatte kudasai. (体に気を付けて 頑張ってください。からだに きをつけて がんばって ください。) – Take care of yourself and good luck!


7.  Kokorokara oiwai o moushi agemasu. (心から お祝いを 申し上げます。こころから おいわいを もうしあげます。) -I offer you my hearty congratulations. ~ Another formal expression~


8. Anata o hokorini omimasu! (あなたを 誇りに思います。 あなたを ほこりに おもいます。) - I am so proud of you!


9.  Watashi mo tottemo ureshii desu. (私も とっても 嬉しいです。 わたしも とても うれしいです。) – I am so happy for you!


10.  Korekaramo ganbatte kudasai. (これからも 頑張って ください。これからも がんばって ください。) – We wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors.


If you know a couple of these expressions, you are good to go. Perhaps try writing some of these messages in Japanese on your next card to a graduate?


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