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All about furniture – Vocabulary Posted by on Sep 29, 2015 in Culture, Grammar

The other day, I was asking one of my friends what her plan would be for this coming weekend. She was telling me that she would have to wait for her furniture delivery all day on Sunday, and that she wouldn’t be able to go anywhere. That’s no fun! I replied.. then come to think of it, I thought I would do a quick vocabulary lesson on furniture for my next post. So, here it is.  These are collection of Japanese words that are related to “furniture”. Furniture is all around us at home, office, and public places. So, read on and learn and memorize these so you can build more Japanese vocabulary. Enjoy!




Tsukue (机、つくえ) – Desk

これは、大きな机ですね。(これは、おおおきな つくえ ですね。)

Korewa ookina tsukue desune.  – This is a big desk, isn’t it?


Isu (椅子、いす) – Chairs

どうぞ、椅子に座ってください。(どうぞ、いすに すわってください。)

Douzo, Isuni suwatte kudasai. -Please sit on a chair.



Te-buru (テーブル) – Table

テーブルにお料理がたくさん、並んでいます。(てーぶるに、おりょうりが たくさん ならんでいます。)

Te-buru ni oryouri ga takusan naran de imasu.- There are many dishes on the table.



Tansu (タンス) – Chest

タンスに服をしまってください。(たんすに ふくを しまって ください。)

Tansu ni fuku o shimatte kudasai. – Please put your clothes in the chest.



Kutsubako (靴箱、くつばこ) – Shoebox (Shoe closet)

あなたの靴は、靴箱の中ですよ。(あなたの くつは くつばこの なかですよ。)

Anata no kutsu wa kutsubako no naka desuyo. – Your shoes is inside the shoe closet.


Betto (ベット) – Bed


Watashi no betto wa King saizu desu. – My bed is a king size bed.


Nidan betto (二段ベット、にだん べっと) – Bunk Bed

わたしは、二弾ベットの上で寝るのが好きです。(わたしは、にだんべっとの うえで ねるのが すきです。)

Watashi wa nidan betto no uede nerunoga suki desu. – I like sleeping on top of our bunk bed.


Sofa-(ソファー) – sofa

テレビを観るならソファーに座って観なさい。(テレビをみるなら、ソファーにすわって みなさい。)

Terebi o mirunara sofa ni suwatte minasai. – If you are going to watch TV, sit on a sofa and watch.



Did you already know these words? The last one is the easiest of course, but these vocabulary is easy enough to memorize. Start using them today!


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Born and raised in Japan. She currently lives in U.S. with her husband and two kids.


  1. Mary:

    Please keep the good work going.
    Bookmarking your site.

  2. May:

    Hi, I love your blog! There is only a small typo you have in this section that I would like to bring to your attention. Bed in japanese is ベッド beddo. Betto is not wrong but it means something completely different, namely bet.

    • keiko:

      @May Hi May,

      Thank you for pointing that out! Yes, Beddo is the correct way of saying ベッド!