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How to say Spring Break in Japanese? Posted by on Mar 19, 2016 in Culture, Grammar

Hi everyone..  here in NW where I live, spring break is almost here, starting next week. Kids are looking forward to it so much, but me? I am not so sure. Since we are staying in town, I would have to find something for kids to do, to keep them busy, etc….


So, with the spring break approaching right around the corner, I thought I would write a post about it. Kids in Japan also have spring break at the end of March. Spring break is “Haru yasumi” in Japanese. Haru is “spring”, and Yasumi is “break”. 春 休み (はる やすみ) is how you would write in Kanji and Hiragana.


Just like we would say in English, “winter break” or “summer break”, you can also say those in Japanese, like

Summer break ==> Natsu yasumi (夏 休み、なつ やすみ)

Winter break ==> Fuyu yasumi (冬 休み、ふゆ やすみ)

You could also say

Fall break ==> Aki yasumi (秋 休み、あき やすみ)

However, we don’t officially have those in Japan. Aki yasumi in U.S. might be something similar to Thanksgiving time frame, but I don’t hear much about “Fall break” in U.S. neither.


So, here are some lessons using “spring break” in the context.

What are you doing during spring beak? ==>

Haru yasumi wa nani o suru yotei desuka?

春休みは 何を する 予定 ですか?(はる やすみは、なにを する よてい ですか?)


I am going to Mexico during spring break. ==>

Watashi wa Mexico i iku yotei desu.

私は メキシコへ 行く 予定 です。(わたしは、メキシコ へ いく よてい です。)


I can’t wait for the spring break. ==>

Haru yasumi ga machi do shii desu.

春休みが 待ち遠しい です。(はる やすみが まちどおしい です。)


Are you staying in town during spring break?==>

Haru yasumi chu wa dokomo ikanaino?

春休み中は どこも 行かないの?(はるやすみ ちゅうは どこも いかないの?)


I will see you after the spring break.==>

Haruyasumi ga owattara mata aou ne.

春休みが 終わったら また 会おうね。(はる やすみが おわったら また あおうね。)


Anything you learned today? I hope you did.. practice these and make them yours!

If you are having a spring break this month just like us, enjoy your spring break!

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About the Author: keiko

Born and raised in Japan. She currently lives in U.S. with her husband and two kids.