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What is Mendokusai? Posted by on Mar 10, 2016 in Culture, Grammar


Have you heard someone say, Mendokusai (めんどくさい) in Japanese?  Mendokusai (めんどくさい) is one of those words we use often during the day. From small children to adults, you hear everyone say this word.. what exactly is it? Well, in this post today, I would like to introduce you to one of the most used Japanese word, Mendokusai (めんどくさい) .


What does Mendokusai (めんどくさい) really mean???

In my opinion, there is no single English word that can completely describes or translate Japanese Mendokusai (めんどくさい) . The reason why is, Mendokusai (めんどくさい)  can mean different things at different times.  Here is the list of English words,  you might be able to apply for translation.

Mendokusai (めんどくさい) ==>

English: Pain, bothersome, troublesome, not worth it, hassle, don’t feel like doing~   etc..

So, as always, the best way to learn new vocabulary is through examples.

Here are some specific examples..


I don’t feel like going to the class..==>

Kurasu ni ikuno mendokusai. クラスに 行くの めんどくさい。(クラスに いくの めんどくさい。)


What a hassle! I can’t be bothered to call him up. ==>

Nante mendokusai! Kareni denwa suruno mendokusai. 何て めんどくさい。彼に 電話するの めんどくさい (なんて、 めんどくさい。かれに でんわ するの めんどくさい。)


Why do I have to fill out this paperwork? It’s not worth it! ==>

Nande kono shorui ni kakikomanaito ikenaino? Mendokusai!  何で、この 書類に 書き込まないと いけないの?めんどくさい! (なんで この しょるいに かきこまないと いけないの? めんどくさい。)


Having a girlfriend is such a pain! ==>

Kanojo ga irunotte mendokusai! 彼女が いるのって めんどくさい。(かのじょが いるのって めんどくさい。)


I would like to learn flower arrangement, but it looks like it takes time to learn. I can’t be bothered. ==>

Ikebana o naraitai kedo, jikanga kakatte mendokusa sou. 生け花を 習いたいけど、 時間が かかって めんどくさそう。(いけばなを ならいたいけど、 じかんが かかって めんどくさそう。)


I have no time today.  I can’t be bothered to take shower. ==> 

Kyowa jikanga nai.  Shawa- o abiruno mendokusai. シャワーを 浴びるの めんどくさい。(シャワー を あびるの めんどくさい。)


As you can see, Mendokusai is not a pleasant word to use; however, it is such a common word,  so you probably want to keep this in your list of important Japanese words. 🙂

Share with me in the comment section when you might be using Mendokusai..

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About the Author: keiko

Born and raised in Japan. She currently lives in U.S. with her husband and two kids.


  1. Victor:


    I have heard mendokusai used to describe poor service – shabby workmanship etc.


  2. A.R.Diwan:




  3. Musah:

    Thanks for the description

  4. Marisa:

    I think language variety differs in it’s contextual meaning. I usually heard this word mendokusai. However, I need to understand more of this in connection to it’s function in the sentence.

  5. gaygay:

    menduksai na sore wa. What is the meaning of that?

    • keiko:

      @gaygay Hi gaygay,

      That means, “That is too much trouble.”
      Hope this helps!