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Japanese for Texting – Part 1 Posted by on Jun 19, 2015 in Culture, Grammar

These days, I fee like I text or email more often than actually talking to my friends and family. How about you? Do you feel the same way? Texting has become one of the major communication methods for us these days.

Recently, I received a few requests from readers, requesting me to cover some Japanese expressions, specifically for texting. So, I decided to start a new series of common text messages in Japanese starting this blog. These are simple Japanese and that you can easily learn, and it will be a good learning opportunity for you as well to text someone in Japanese if your friend is also learning Japanese.  Enjoy!



おはよう – Ohayo~  (Good morning)

おやすみ – Oyasumi~ (Good night)

こんにちは – Konnichiwa  (Hello)

げんき?- Genki? (How are you?)

りょーかい – Ryo-kai (OK, or got it)

ありがとう – Arigato (Thank you)

ごめんね – Gomenne (I am sorry)

ほんとに ごめんね – Hontoni gomenne (I am really sorry)

きょう、あいてる?- Kyo Aiteru? (Are you free today?)

あす、あいてる?-Asu Aiteru? (Are you free tomorrow?)

いつあいてる?-Itsu Aiteru?(When are you free?)

いつが つごう いい?- Itsuga tsugo ii? (When is a good time for you?)

らいしゅう なら あいてるよ。- Raishu nara aiteruyo (I am free next week)

きょうは ちょっと むり – Kyowa chotto muri (I can’t make it today)

そのひは ちょっと むり - Sonohi wa chotto muri. (I can’t make it that day)

しょくじ いこー!- Shokuji iko- (Let’s go eat!)

なに たべたい?-Nani Tabetai? (What do you want to eat?)

うち くる?- Uchi kuru? (Do you want to come over to my place?)

どこ いきたい?- Doko ikitai? (Where do you want to go?)

いっしょに いこーよ – Isshoni iko-yo. (Let’s go together.)

うん、いきたい!- Un, ikitai (Yes, I wanna go)

なんじに する?- Nanjini suru? (What time?)

もちろん いいよ – Mochiron iiyo (Of course!)

よてい みて れんらく するね – Yoteimite renraku surune (I will let you know once I check my schedule)

よてい みて れんらく させて – Yotei mite renraku sasete (Let me get back to you after I check my schedule)

らいしゅう の よていは?- Raishu no yotei wa? (What’s your plan next week?)


Stay tuned for more articles on texting in Japanese….!


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  1. Surendran Sankunny:

    Keko San is doing a wonderful job. Many people like me, would like to refer her contributions in support of Nihongo.

  2. A Japanese learner:

    Thank you very much, but some of the sentences seem more feminine.