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Japanese for Texting – Part 2 Posted by on Jun 22, 2015 in Culture, Grammar

Hope you all liked the Part 1 of the Japanese for Texting.  The expressions I am covering in this series are mainly to be used among friends, as they sound more friendly than formal. I am thinking, you would text more often to your friends or family than to your boss. If you need a formal expressions, that might be more in email format rather than text, which I would like to cover in my future articles.


So, here is the Part 2 of Japanese for Texting. Have fun!


いまから いくね - Ima kara ikune (I am just leaving now.)

いま むかってるよ – Ima mukatteruyo (I am on my way.)

いま でたところ – Ima deta tokoro (I just left.)

まってるよ – Matteruyo (I will be waiting for you. )

ちょっと おくれる – Chotto okureru (I will be a bit late.)

いま ここに いるよ – Ima kokoni iruyo (I am here right now.)

また いこうね – Mata ikoune (Let’s go there again.)

また あおうね – Mata aoune (Let’s meet again.)

また たべに いこうね – Mata tabeni ikone (Let’s go eat again.)

また あの レストラン いこうね – Mata ano resutoran ikoune. (Let’s go to the restaurant again.)

きょうは ランチ ごちそうさまでした – Kyouha ranchi gochisou samadeshita. (Thanks for lunch today.)

きょうは ほんとうに ありがとう。- Kyouha hontouni arigato. (Thanks for everything today.)

たのしかったね – Tanoshi kattane. (We had fun.)

きょうは たのしい いちにち でした – Kyouwa tanoshii ichinichi deshita. (I had a fun day today.)

きょうは すっごく たのしかったよ – Kyouwa suggoku tanoshikattayo. (I had so much fun today.)

きょうは たのしめた?-Kyo wa tanoshimeta? (Did you have fun today?)

きょうは さいこう だった – Kyo wa saiko datta. (I had a perfect day today.)

また らいしゅう でかけようよ – Mata raishu dekakeyouyo. (Let’s go out again next week.)

また らいしゅう あそこ いこうよ – Mata raishu asoko ikouyo. (Let’s try the place again next week.)

また らいげつ こようね – Mata raigetsu koyo-ne. (Let’s come back here again next month.)

たのしみにしてるよ - Tanshimini shiteruyo.(I will be looking forward to it.)

また はやく (~に)あいたいな。- Mata hayaku (~ni) aitaina (I can’t wait to see you again.)

**In the above example, ~ will be replaced by his/her (friend’s) name.


Stay tuned for the Part 3 of the Texting in Japanese.

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Born and raised in Japan. She currently lives in U.S. with her husband and two kids.


  1. Ching Fong:

    I wish you could use Kanji when available, it’s much easier to make sense of the sentence for those of us who know the Kanji. “今日は 最高 だった” is much easier to read than “きょうは さいこう だった “. The latter you’d have to read out loud before knowing what it meant.

    • keiko:

      @Ching Fong Hi Ching,

      Got it. I will make sure to use Kanji’s as well in the future!


  2. める:

    Thanks for using Hiragana!

    I just picked up Hiragana not Long ago, it is definitely fun to see post where it’s all in Hiragana than in kanji/katakana.

    It’s really helpful for newbies like me!