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Japanese for Texting – Part 3 Posted by on Jun 26, 2015 in Culture, Grammar

There will be two more articles on Japanese for Texting including today’s post. I hope you are learning more practical Japanese phrases that you can easily use with your friends. If there is anything specific you would like to know, always leave me a comment. I will try to cover in my future articles for you.

Below is another collection of some useful Japanese phrases. Enjoy learning!


きょう どうしてる?- Kyo doushiteru? (What are you doing today?)

きょう あえる?- Kyo aeru? (Can I see you today?)

パーティー あるんだって。- Par-ti arundatte (Heard there will be a party.)

さんか しない?- Sanka shinai? (Won’t you join us?)

いっしょに いかない?-Isshoni ikanai? (Won’t you come with us?)

ごめん、まだ わからない。- Gomen mada wakaranai (Sorry, don’t know yet)

そういえば、らいしゅう ひま?- Soieba, raishu hima? (By the way, are you free next week?)

わすれてた、せんやく が あるの。-Wasureteta. Senyaku ga aruno (Forgot, I had a plan already.)

そこって どこ?- Skotte doko? (Where is that?)

ちょっと まってて。-Chotto mattete (Please wait a moment.)

おなか いっぱい- Onaka ippai (I am full.)

おなか すいた- Onaka suita. (I am hungry.)

ぜったい いや!- Zettai iya (No way!)

~かってきてー!- ~ Kattekite. (Can you buy me ~?)

~がほしいなー。- ~ ga hoshii na.(I want ~.)

ほかに なにか ほしい?- Hokani nanika hoshii? (Do you want anything else?)

たべたいもの ある?- Tabetaimono aru? (Do you have something you want to eat?)

~もって いくね。- ~ motte ikune. (I will bring ~. )

ちょっと よていが はいっちゃった。- Chotto yoteiga haicchatta. (Something came up.)

いそがしの?- Isogashiino? (Are you busy?)

すごく いそがしい。-Sugoku isogashi (So busy)

いまは むり。- Imawa muri.(Not now)

いえから でられない。- Iekara derarenai.(Can’t leave the house.)

かいしゃから でられない。- Kaisha kara derarenai. (Can’t leave work.)

ほんとに?-Hontoni? (Really?)

しんじられない。- Shinjirarenai (Can’t believe it)

てつだうよー。- Tetsudauyo-. (I will help you.)

でつだわせてー。- Tetsudawasete-.(Let me help you.)

だいじょうぶだよー。-Daijo-budayo.(It’s ok.)

なんとか おわるから。- Nantoka narukara.(It will be fine.)

まってるね。-Matterune.(I will wait for you.)


またね。-Matane. (Later)



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  1. Lost in Translation:

    These are awesome!

    Thank you so much!

    No one ever has time to help me here in Japan. (And this is a decade of no one able/willing to help with casual chat) The free language class at the library does not support casual conversation. I have a lot confusion there aha.

    I wanted to ask : you put in romaji
    “skotte” – is it ok to also type sokotte?

    After ten years i finally have a website with answers!!

  2. Lost in Translation:

    you can edit my comment above

    i wanted to say at library spoken English is not allowed … also my lesson books are all Nihongo and no answer section. Therefore confusion だから、こんらん。

    Your layout and relevant lessons are very helpful.

    Thank you!