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Japanese for Texting – Part 4 Posted by on Jun 29, 2015 in Culture, Grammar

Here is the last article on Japanese for Texting. Hope you are enjoying the series. If you want to go back and review, here are the links for you.

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A new series will be starting with my next article, so stay tuned!

The focus for Part 4 is simplicity! These are simple and short words but yet very useful!


わかった!- Wakatta! (got it!)

いいよ!-Iiyo! (OK!)

いやだ!- Iyada!(No!)

なんで?-Nande? (Why?)

どうして?-Doushite? (Why?))

どこ?- Doko (Where?)

なに?-Nani? (What?)

なんて いったの?- Nante ittano? (What did you say?)

なに いってるの?-Nani itteruno? (What are you saying?)

どういうこと? – Douiukoto? (What do you mean?)

とんでもない!- Tondemonai! (No way!)

おもしろい!- Omoshiroi! (Funny!)

すごいね!-Sugoine! (Awesome!)

かんぺきだ!- Kanpekida! (Perfect!)

ちがうよ!- Chigauyo! (That’s not it!)

まちがえた!-Machigaeta! (Made a mistake!)

やめちゃだめ!-Yacchadame! (Don’t do it!)

やめようよ!-Yameyouyo! (Let’s not do it!)

いいこと おもいついた!- Iikoto omoitsuita! (Have a good idea!)

まちがえてる!-Machigaeteru! (You are wrong!)

あきらめないで!- Akiramenaide! (Don’t give up!)

たいせつだよ!- Taisetsu dayo. (Important!)

おめでとう!- Omedetou! (Congratulations!)

よろしくね!- Yoroshikune! (Nice to meet you!)

わぁ!- Wa-! (Wow!)

かっこいい!- Kakoii! (Cool!)

かなしい!- Kanashi-! (Sad!)

いたい!-Itai! (Hurts!)

うれしい!-Ureshii! (Happy!)

びっくり!- Bikkuri! (Surprised!)

しってる?- Shitteru? (Do you know?)

しらない!- Shiranai! (Don’t know…!)

しってるよ!-Shitteruyo! (I know it!)

あつい!- Atsui! (Hot!)

さむい!- Samui! (Cold!)

むしあつい!-Mushi atsui! (Humid!)

かわいい!- Kawaii! (Cute!)

かわいそう!- Kawaiso! (Feel bad)

ははっ!-Haha! (Haha)

わらえる!- Waraeru!(Makes me laugh! )

だれこれ?- Darekore? (Who is this?)

あなたってだれ?- Anatattedare? (Who are you?)

たいせつ!-Taisetsu! (Important!)

いいね!- Iine! (Good!)

うまくいったね!- Umakuittane! (Everything went well!)

こんど がんばれ!- Kondo ganbare! (Next time, do your best!)

きをつけてね!- Kiotsuketene! (Take care! Be careful! )

ありえない!- Arienai! (This never happens!)

うそでしょ?- Usodeso? (You are kidding, right?)

まじ?- Maji? (Serious?)

どうする?- Dousuru? (What are you going to do?)

もう きめた?- Mou kimeta? (Have you decided?)

そう おもったよ- Sou mottayo. (I thought so.)

また かんがえよ。- Mata kangaeyo. (Let’s think about it again.)

また かんがえるよ。- Mata Kangaeruyo. (I will think about it again.)


Hope you all enjoyed these…  let me know how you liked them in the comment section!

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