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Summer! Summer! Summer! Posted by on Jul 19, 2015 in Culture, Grammar

Hi everyone. I am sorry, I had a long break since my last article. I have been traveling within the states, visiting family and friends, and just got back to Northwest and now ready to start working on more articles. Next week, I will be in Japan, so will be writing more about what’s happening in Japan, hope I can let you know about Japan’s current trends, interesting facts, and of course, more cultural events etc.. Β πŸ™‚


As for today’s article, why don’t I introduce you to some summer related Japanese vocabulary?Β I have written anΒ article about summer related words last month, if anyone wants to reference the article, that will be great too.

These are the must know vocabulary in Japanese! Enjoy!


Beach – Umi (うみ、 桷)


Shaved Ice – Kakigo-ri ()

~ These are my favorite!


Summer festival – Natsu Matsuri (γͺγ€γΎγ€γ‚Šγ€ε€η₯­γ‚Š) or Omatsuri (γŠγΎγ€γ‚Šγ€γ€€γŠη₯­γ‚Š)

~ can’t go through summer without going to one of these at least once!



Fireworks – Hanabi (はγͺγ³γ€γ€€θŠ±η«)


Cicada – Semi (せみ 蝉)

~ Do you have cicadas around you? They could get very noisy at times!


Watermelon – Suika (すいか θ₯Ώη“œ)

~ so refreshing!


Sunflower – Himawari (γ²γΎγ‚γ‚Š)

~ Sunflowers just make you happy!


Swimming – Suiei (γ™γ„γˆγ„γ€ζ°΄ζ³³)

~ One of the most popular activities to do during summer.


Thunderheads – Nyu-do-gumo (にゅうどうぐも、ε…₯道雲)

~ These clouds are symbol of summer.


Sandals – Sandaru (ァンダル)


Wind-Bell – Fu-rin (γ΅γ†γ‚Šγ‚“γ€ι’¨ιˆ΄)

~ The sound of wind-bells are so soothing…

Japanese Buck WheatΒ Noodle – So-men (そうめん そう麺)

~ So healthy, try it.


Were you already familiar with these vocabulary? Summer is such a fun time to enjoy many activities. Β If there is anything specific in your culture that you often use/do during the summer, let me know. I can always let you know how that applies to Japanese language or culture.


Enjoy learning Japanese, and stay safe!


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  1. begiek:

    Thank you for the lessons. I enjoy them so much and learn aswell.

    I am teacher for FL.

    • keiko:

      @begiek Hi begiek,

      Thanks for your comments! Hope I can provide some useful information through this blog. πŸ™‚