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Japanese N.G. Words Collection Posted by on Oct 30, 2015 in Culture, Grammar


I had to think twice about posting this, but thought this is part of Japanese language and that some of you out there might want to know this.  You might have heard some of these words in mainly comic books as well as in some Japanese movies. Below is a collection of Japanese slang that are very informal and never to be used in any type of writing in my opinion. School aged children often use these word verbally to insult each other.


Warnings: Do not use these words against anybody.  This is a collection of Japanese bad words (slang) that you often find in comic books.  This idea came from my boys who read a lot of Japanese comic books.  Obviously, when I hear these words from them, they are in trouble! These words could insult others, and hurt their feelings.  This is strictly information purposes only!!!!  


  • Baka (ばか、バカ) -stupid


  • Guesu (げす、ゲス) -ugly

*often used towards men


  • Busu (ぶす、ブス) -ugly

*often used towards women


  • Aho(あほ、アホ) -fool

*used similarly to the Baka (ばか) above.


  • Kuso (くそ、クソ) -crap

This word is not to be used against anyone, but some people say this to themselves just like in English. When one feels regretful,  this is often used against themselves.


  • Gomi (ごみ、ゴミ) -trash

It is totally appropriate to use this as true meaning of “trash”. For example,  “I need to take my trash out.” (ゴミをださないといけない。Gomi o dasanaito ikenai.) However, you would not use this against someone else just like in English.


  • Shine (しね、死ね) -die


  • Kuzu (くず、クズ) -crap


  • Zako (ざこ、ザコ) -trash


  • Manuke (まぬけ、マヌケ) -stupid fellow


  • Noroma (のろま、ノロマ) -slowpoke


  • Bakatare (ばかたれ、バカたれ) -stupid

* This is just another way of saying Baka (ばか)  in Japanese.


  • Kasu (かす、カス)  – trash


I am repeating this one more time. I don’t want any of you out there to use any of the above words in bad way, but you might run into these words when you are reading Japanese text. As I mentioned above, please please do not use these words against anybody! 🙂


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