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Kanji Challenge 1 -Can you think of Kanjis that starts with あ? Posted by on Dec 4, 2017 in Culture, Grammar

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Since we started learning the basic Kanji’s in my last post, let’s keep on going for a bit, so you can be more familiar with Kanji’s. Starting today, I would like to slowly introduce you to more basic but day to day useful Kanji’s that you can use. Some of these are a bit hard to write, but for now, let’s focus on reading and understanding.

Today, I have collected the Kanji’s below that are used for words that start with “A” (あ).

Let’s get started.


明るい (あかるい)Akarui, bright

==>今夜は 月が 明るい。(こんやは つきが あかるい)

Konya wa tsukiga akarui. Moon shines brightly tonight.



浅い (あさい)Asai, shallow

==>浅い プール (あさい ぷーる)

Asai pool. Shallow pool



汗 (あせ)Ase, sweat

==>暑くて 汗かくね。(あつくて あせかくね)

Atsukute ase kakune.  I am sweting becuase it’s too hot.



握手 (あくしゅ)Akushu, shaking hands

==>彼と 握手 したよ。(かれと あくしゅ したよ。)

Kareto akushu shitayo. I shook hands with him.



朝 (あさ)Asa, morning 

==>朝は 何時に 起きますか?(あさは なんじに おきますか?)

Asa wa nanji ni okimasu ka? What time do you get up in the morning?



新しい (あたらしい)Atarashi, new

==>新しい 靴 (あたらしい くつ)

Atarashii kutsu. New shoes



熱い (あつい)Atsui, hot

==>熱い シャワー を 浴びる。(あつい しゃわー を あびる。)

Atsui shower o  a biru. Take a hot shower.



集める (あつめる)Atsumeru, collect

==>こんなに カードを 集めたよ。(こんなに かーど を あつめたよ。)

Konnani ka-do o atsumeta yo. I collected this many cards.




危ない (あぶない)Abunai, dangerous

==>道路の 近くで 遊ぶのは 危ないよ。(どうろの ちかくで あそぶのは あぶないよ。)

Doro no chikakude asobuno wa abunai yo. It’s dangerous to play by the road.



洗う (あらう)Arau, wash

==>手を洗ってね。(てを あらってね)

Te o aratte ne. Please wash your hands.



歩く (あるく)Aruku, walk

==>ゆっくり 歩いて。(ゆっくり あるいて)

Yukkuri aruite. Please walk slowly.



雨 (あめ)Ame, rain

==>今日は ずっと 雨だね。(きょうは ずっと あめだね。)

Kyo wa zutto ame dane. It’s been raining all day today.


Stay tuned for more series on this! 🙂

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