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Master these 20 Winter Japanese Words Posted by on Nov 30, 2015 in Culture, Grammar

When do you feel that winter is approaching? There are many signs of winter these days around here in Pacific NW. I am not too crazy about the cold weather, but I love how we have seasons here. When I see the snow covered mountain, it almost feels like mountains are going to sleep during winter. Snowy mountains are beautiful.

I have collected some vocabulary that describe winter season below. Do you know these words?

Key words here are:


雪 (ゆき, yuki)- Snow

冬 (ふゆ, fuyu) – Winter



山ねむる(やま ねむる, yama nemuru)Mountain falling asleep

~ an expression where all trees have lost leaves for winter, and super quiet with no sound at mountain.


落ち葉 (おちば, ochiba) Fallen leaves

雪山 (ゆきやま, yuki yama)snowy Mountain

枯れ野 (かれの, kareno)wintry field (a field during the winter)

冬芽 (とうが, to-ga)winter bud

雪遊び(ゆきあそび, yuki asobi)playing in the snow

雪合戦 (ゆきがっせん, yuki gassen)snowball fight

雪かき (ゆきかき, yuki kaki)snowplow

雪下ろし (ゆきおろし, yuki kaki )snow removing

雪見 (ゆきみ, yukimi)snow-viewing


雪景色 (ゆきげしき, yuki geshiki)snowscape

~ Snowing scenery where you see snows piled up wherever you look around, wherever you see is all white.


冬ごもり (ふゆごもり, fuyu gomori)winter confinement (hibernation)

~ an expression to describe people or animals that stay indoors or under ground to stay warm during the winter.


ストーブ (すとーぶ、suto-bu)heater

暖房 (だんぼう, danbou) heater

冬眠(とうみん, to-min)hibernation

冬越し (ふゆごし,  fuyu goshi)overwinter

セーター (せーたー)sweater

マフラー (まふらー)scarf

手袋 (てぶくろ)gloves

ブーツ (ぶーつ)boots


Try creating a sentence using the above vocabulary, such as;

冬は 寒いので、セーターを 着て、マフラーを して、手袋を して、ブーツを 履いて 外に 出かけます。

(ふゆは さむいので せーたーを きて まふらーを して てぶくろを して ブーツを はいて そとに でかけます。Fuyuwa samuinode se-ta- o kite mafura- o shite tebukuroo shite bu-tsu o haite sotoni dekakemasu.)

Because it is cold during winter, I wear sweater with scarf and gloves and go out in boots.


外は とても さむいですが、 あなたは どうしていますか?

(そとは とても さむいですが、 あなたは どうしていますか?Sotowa totemo samui desuga anatawa doushite imasuka?)

It is very cold out, how are you doing?

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