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Words of Praise in Japanese Posted by on Mar 25, 2014 in Grammar

How would you say, “Good job!” in Japanese? Would like to know more about the expressions to use when you want to praise someone? Below, I have compiled the list of common praising expressions.


よくやったね!(Yoku yattane!) or よくがんばったね!(Yoku Ganbattane!) – Good Job! Way to go!

たいへん よくできました。(Taihen yoku dekimashita.)- You did a great job!

*This is the expression that teachers often use for students.

すごいよ!(Sugoiyo! ) or すごい!(Sugoi!)- Super! Cool! Wow!

*すごいよ!or すごい!-is a common expression that you can use in many situations. It has the meaning just like Cool! or Wow! in English.

さすが!(Sasuga!) – I am impressed!

すばらしい!(Subarashi!) -It’s amazing! I am amazed.  Awesome!

いいプレゼンだったね.(Ii presen dattane!) – I liked your presentation!

いままでで いちばん よかったよ! (今までで一番よかったよ) (Imamadede ichiban yokattayo!)-It was the best one!

たよりに しているよ!(頼りにしているよ。) (Tayorini shiteiruyo!) -I am counting on you!


このちょうしで がんばれ!(この調子で頑張れ!)(Konochoushide Ganbare!) – Keep it up!

しょうしん おめでとう!(昇進 おめでとう。) (shoushin omedetou! ) – Congratulations on your promotion!

*When  you are congratulating someone, you use the word “おめでとう” in Japanese, but we also use おめでとう when we tell someone “Happy Birthday”.


おたんじょうび おめでとう。(Otanjoubi Omedetou!) (お誕生日 おめでとう)-Happy Birthday!

きみは、きがきくね。(君は気が利くね。) (Kimiwa kigakikune) -You know just what is needed.

じがおじょうずですね。(字がお上手ですね。)(Jiga ojouzu desune) -Your handwriting is good.

きみの しごとは とても たかく ひょうかされているよ。(君の仕事はとても高く評価されているよ) (Kimino shigotowa totemo takaku hyouka sareteiruyo) -Your performance is highly appreciated.

レスポンスがはやくてかんしんします。(レスポンスが早くて感心します。)(Response ga hayakute kanshin shimasu.) – I was impressed with your quick reply.


おいしいおちゃをごちそうさま。(おいしいお茶をご馳走様)(Oishii ochawo gochisou sama) – Thank you for a nice cup of tea.

* After eating or drinking even at a restaurant, we often use the expression “ごちそうさま(gochisou sama)”. “ごちそうさま” is an expression similar to “Thank you for ~”, but we use it only for something to eat or drink. People often walk away from the restaurant saying “ごちそうさま” after paying the bill.

Related to this, it is also a courtesy to say “ごちそうさま” after every meal or snack including at your own home. We say this by putting our hands together. You can also say “ごちそうさまでした。” instead of “ごちそうさま”. “ごちそうさまでした” is a bit more polite way of saying compared to just “ごちそうさま”.

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  2. blitz9826:

    Yoi hataraki jana! (a bit archaic, good performance / good work)
    Rippa na musukousan desune (He’s an excellent/exceptional son)
    Kono katsuyakuwa kareno okage desu (This achievement is thanks to this him)

    • keiko:

      @blitz9826 Hi blitz9826,

      All these three expressions are pretty good ones! 🙂

  3. ココ:

    Just some context, さすが meaning is a little wrong. This is something you say to an opponent.

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