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Quick Japanese Lesson on Summer Posted by on Jun 24, 2017 in Culture, Grammar

Natsuyasumi (夏休み、なつやすみ)is here!


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Hi everyone! It’s almost the end of June, and some of you might have already started the summer break(natsu yasumi 夏休み なつやすみ). For my kids, their last day of school was in mid June, so they have been enjoying their break since then. What are you planning on doing during this summer? Are you perhaps traveling to anywhere?

Below are some of the summer related Japanese conversation you can create with your friends. Enjoy~


もう 夏休み ですね。 今年の 夏は どこか 行かれますか?

(もう なつやすみ ですね。 ことしの なつは どこか いかれますか?)-Mou natsuyasumi desune. Kotoshino natsuwa dokoka ikare masuka?

Summer break has already started. Are you planning on traveling this summer?


日本へ 行こうかと 思っています。(にほんへ いこうかと おもって います。)-Nihon e ikou kato omotte imasu.

I am thinking about going to Japan.


日本の 夏は とても 暑いので 苦手 です。 (にほんの なつは とても あついので にがて です。)-Nihon no natsu wa totemo atsuinode nigate desu.

I am not too crazy about the hot weather during the summer in Japan.



日本へ 里帰り するつもり です。(にほんへ さとがえり する つもり です。)-Nihon e satogaeri suru tsumori desu.

I am planning on visiting my family in Japan.



日本の 夏 といえば 花火大会 ですよね。

(にほんの なつ といえば はなび たいかい ですよね。)-Nihon no natsu to ieba hanabi taikai desu yone.

About summer in Japan, the first thing that comes to my mind is,  fireworks festival.


浴衣を 着てみたいです。(ゆかたを きてみたいです。)

-Yukata o kitemitai desu.

I would like to try on Yukata.


どれくらい 日本には 行かれるのですか?(どれくらい にほんには いかれるのですか?)-Dorekurai nihon niwa ikareru no desuka?

How long are you planning on staying in Japan?


3週間 程です。(3 しゅうかん ほどです。)

-San shukan hodo desu. Just about 3 weeks.


飛行機の 費用は どれくらいですか? (ひこうきの ひようは どれ くらい ですか?)-Hikouki no hiyou wa dore kurai desu ka?

How much is the plane ticket?


今年は とても 高くて 1200ドル くらい でした。(ことしは とても たかくて 1200ドル くらい でした。)-Kotoshiwa totemo takakute 1200 doru kurai deshita.

This year, it was pretty expensive, it was about 1200 dollars.


These are just a quick conversational Japanese that you might be able to use easily. Hope you will have a great summer!  Stay tuned for more summer-related articles this months.

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  1. Matthew H.:

    Hey! I am a student and so far it has been a great summer for me! 🙂 Me and my family went to vacation to Nippon (Japan) for two weeks. We visited many places in Japan including Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, Hirosaki (near Aomori), Sapporo, and Nara. We went to many many shrines which was really pretty. My favorite place that we went to is either Akihabara or the Itsukushima Shrine in Hiroshima Prefecture.