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10 minute-a-day Japanese Lesson -1 -10 Recap Posted by on Jun 14, 2017 in Culture, Grammar

Today’s topic is all about the recap on the past 10 minute-a-day Japanese Lesson series 1 through 10.


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I started this series back in January 2017 and definitely wanted to do a recap, summary blog to summarize the first 10 lessons so you can just visit this page and look back the first 10 lessons for review.

Below, I have provided the link and summary for each page. If you have any particular site you want to go back to revisit, feel free to do so from here. I also noticed that one thing I need to make changes for future lessons is that by looking at each title, it’s not easy to tell what the lesson is all about. Sorry about that.. I need to somehow make it clear for everyone to figure out what the lesson is all about just be reading the title from here on.

If you have some time to spare, please look at the site below for review. Perhaps you might want to revisit each page and relearn what you have already learned in the last few months.


10 minute-a-day Japanese Lesson -1

Talking about New Year’s resolution. What are you going to do this year?


10 minute-a-day Japanese Lesson -2

Talking about weather in Japanese. Such a common topic to start an easy conversation with anyone!


10 minute-a-day Japanese Lesson -3

What a busy life we have?  Some common Japanese expressions related to our busy life.


10 minute-a-day Japanese Lesson -4

Birthday wishes in Japanese. How would you say “Happy Birthday” in Japanese??


10 minute-a-day Japanese Lesson -5

How to say No in Japanese nicely. Great learning lessons here if you want to say no to someone by politely rejecting the offer in Japanese.


10 minute-a-day Japanese Lesson -6

How to say Yes in Japanese.  You would want to definitely learn this by studying along with lesson #5 above.


10 minute-a-day Japanese Lesson -7

Most basic and common honorific (polite) Japanese expressions. In Japanese, it’s a must to know some of the basic honorific expressions since we use them so often!


10 minute-a-day Japanese Lesson -8

How to show your thoughtfulness for others in Japanese? These are simple yet powerful message that can help you develop great relationship with others.


10 minute-a-day Japanese Lesson -9

Expressions on something beautiful or pretty. How would you say “Wow, you are beautiful!” in Japanese?


10 minute-a-day Japanese Lesson -10

How to say “Thank you” in Japanese? Do you know any Japanese expressions other than “Arigatou(ありがとう)”?


So these are the quick recap on lessons. Which one is your favorite? All of these are very useful in my opinion. Stay tuned for more of the quick 10 minute lesson series coming up soon!

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