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Summer in Japan Posted by on Jun 24, 2014 in Culture, Grammar

Hi everyone! Every June, after my kids start summer break in U.S., I normally come back to my hometown, Gifu Japan with my kids. I have been in Japan since last week, and I have to tell you, weather is getting humid every day. June is normally rainy season in Japan, but this year is not as bad as last year. Temperature has been around late 70’s to early 80’s with partly cloudy forecast for the most part.  However, since I am not so used to the humid weather in the U.S., I am feeling uncomfortable, especially at night.

 In this article, let me introduce you to some of the vocabularies that are often used during the summer months.

むしあつい (蒸し暑い)- mushiatsui

You cannot go through summer in Japan without saying the word “mushi atsui” once. This just means “humid.” It gets so humid here and that you will probably keep repeating this word to yourself and anyone around you.  During the summer, conversation with the neighbors normally start with “蒸し暑いですね。(むしあついですね。)-mushi atsui desune. (It is humid, isn’t it?)”

Here are some of the vocabularies you can use during the summer.

  • なつ(夏)-natsu, summer
  • なつやすみ (夏休み)-natsu yasumi, summer vacation
  • あつい (暑い)-atsui, hot
  • つゆ (梅雨)- tsuyu, rainy season
  • つゆいり (梅雨入り)-tsuyu iri, start of rainy season
  • つゆあけ (梅雨明け)-tsuyu ake, end of rainy season
  • あせ (汗)- ase, sweat (noun)
  • あせをかく (汗をかく)- ase o kaku, sweat (verb)
  • あせくさい (汗臭い)-ase kusai, smells sweaty
  • あせも - asemo, heat rash
  • すいえい(水泳)-suiei, swimming
  • うみ (海)-umi, ocean
  • すなはま (砂浜)- beach
  • およぐ (泳ぐ)- swim (verb)
  • ぼうし (帽子)-boushi, hat
  • ぼうしをかぶる (帽子をかぶる)- boushi o kaburu, put on a hat
  • アイスクリーム - aisukuri-mu, ice cream
  • アイスクリームをたべる - aisukuri-mu o taberu, eat ice cream
  • そら (空)- sora, sky
  • あおいそら (青い空)- aoi sora, blue sky
  • エアコン - eakon, air conditioner
  • エアコンをつける - eakon o tsukeru, turn on air conditioner
  • かき氷 (かきごおり)-kakigo-ri, shaved ice


To be honest, summer is not my favorite time of the year to come back to Japan. I wish I could be here during the Spring or Fall..  I will be here for another month or so, so I plan on introducing you to many of the cultural aspects of Japan during my stay here..  Stay tuned!

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