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How to say “In order to” in Korean? Part A Posted by on Aug 31, 2016

Today you are going to learn how to say “In order to” in Korean. The grammar point is “V.S. + -기 위해(서)”. Please read examples below for you study. I need money in order to buy a car. 차를 사기 위해서 돈이 필요해요/ cha lul sa gi we hae seo don e pil yo hae…

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How to say “Let and make” in Korean? Part B Posted by on Aug 24, 2016

Today you are going to learn how to say “Let and make” in different way from the last post.  The grammar point is “V.S. + 게 해주다”.  Please read examples below for your study. Please let me eat 저 좀 먹게 해주세요/ jeo jom meok gae hae joo sae yo (먹다 is to eat, and…

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Expressing permission in Korean Posted by on Aug 17, 2016

Today you are going to learn how to say “to let” and “to make” in Korean. As you know they are causative verb, and grammar point is “V.S. + 게 하다”.  Please read examples below. I will let him stay in my car.  내차에 머무르게 할게요/ nae cha ae meo mu lu gae hal gae yo. (머무르다 is…

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Malbok: The Final 10 Days of Summer Posted by on Aug 16, 2016

The beginning of the end for any summer in Korea starts with malbok (말복), the first of the final 10 hot days as defined by Korean tradition and the lunar calendar. And this summer in Korea, which has been a sweltering, record-breaking one, makes malbok that much more special. Across South Korea, that moment will…

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Part B. How to say “How to” in Korean? Posted by on Aug 10, 2016

You are going to learn how to say “How to” in Korean.  In the previous post, you learned “v.s. ㄹ/을 줄 알다/모르다”, but today your are going to learn another way to say “How to” in Korean.  The grammar point is “어떻게 v.s. + 는지 알다/모르다”. If you know, you use 알다. If you don’t…

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