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Today you are going to learn how to say “In order to” in Korean. The grammar point is “V.S. + -기 위해(서)”. Please read examples below for you study.

I need money in order to buy a car. 차를 사기 위해서 돈이 필요해요/ cha lul sa gi we hae seo don e pil yo hae yo. (사다 is to buy, 필요하다 is to be need)  필요하다 is descriptive verb as you see, so it needs to have subject verb 이/가 (돈이).

I went to school in order to earn money. 돈을 벌기 위해서 학교에 갔어요/ don eul beol gi we hae seo hak kyo ae got eo yo. (벌다 is to earn, 갔다 is went.)  Can you guess an occupation of “I”? It is a teacher or an employee of the school.

I must work hard in order to survive in competitive society.  경쟁 사회에서 살아남기 위해서 일을 열심해 해야해요/ kyung jaeng sa hwae ae seo sal a nam gi we hae seo il eul yeol sim he hae ya hae yo. (살아남다 is to be survive, 해야해요 is must, 경쟁 사회 is competitive society).

I should not take a nap in order to take a good sleep at night. 밤에 잘 자기 위해서 낮잠을 안 자야해요/bam ae jal ja gi we hae seo nac jam eul an ja ya hae yo. (낮잠 is nap, take a good sleep is 잘 자다).



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  1. Matt:

    I can write out the sentences, but using the Hangul glyphs/ alphabets I find to be tough when talking proper.

    I will try.