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Today you are going to learn how to say “Let and make” in different way from the last post.  The grammar point is “V.S. + 게 해주다”.  Please read examples below for your study.
Please let me eat 저 좀 먹게 해주세요/ jeo jom meok gae hae joo sae yo (먹다 is to eat, and 좀 is little bit). 좀 is Korean common expression to express asking something politely to someone. So, even if there is no “Little bit” in English text, you’d better use 좀 when you speak Korean.  For instance, please give me water – 물 좀 주세요/mul jon ju sae yo.
Please let me watch TV 저 텔레비전 좀 보게 해주세요/jeo tv jom bo gae hae ju sae yo(보다 is to watch).
Please let me read the book 저 책 좀 읽게 해주세요/ jeo chac jom il gae hae joo sae yo(읽다 is to read).
Please let me go  저 좀 가게 해주세요/jeo jom ga gae hae joo sae yo(가다 is to go).
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