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Today you are going to learn how to say “In order to” in Korean. The grammar point is “V.S. + (으) 러”. Please read examples below for you study. It is future tense.

I am going to New York in order to buy a car. 차를 사러 뉴욕에 가요/cha lul sa leo New York ae ga yo. (사다 is to buy).

I will go to American in order to earn money. 돈을 벌러 미국에 가요/ don eul beol leo mi kook ae ga yo. (벌다 is to earn).

I am going to cafeteria in order to eat lunch.  점심을 먹으러 식당에 가요/ jeom sim eul meok eu leo sik dang ae ga yo. (점심 is lunch).

I am going back to home in order to take a nap. 낮잠 자러 집에 가요/ nac jam ja leo jip ae ga yo. (자다 is to sleep, 낮잠 is nap).

I am going to brake room in order to take a recess. 쉬러 휴계실에 가요/ she leo hue gae sil ae ga yo. (쉬다 is recess).



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