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“And” in Korean Posted by on Jun 27, 2018 in Grammar, Korean Language, Vocabulary

Do you know how to say ‘and’ in Korean? There are several ways to say ‘and’ in Korean. In this post, we will focus on “-하고,” which is one of the most commonly used forms of ‘and’ in Korean.

These are three examples of ‘and’ that you can use in Korean when you combine two nouns together:

  1. 하고


  1. -()


  1. -와/과



This post is about ‘하고’ in Korean. 하고’  is commonly used in a colloquial form and less formal than ‘-와/과.’ 하고’  would be one of the easiest ways to use when you combine two nouns together.


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These are some examples in Korean, and you can follow the links to review vocabulary in these examples:

  1. 축구하고  야구   :   soccer and baseball

[chook-goo-ha-go ya-goo]

  1. 농구하고  태권도   :  basketball and Taekwondo

[nong-goo-ha-go taek-kwon-do]

  1. 해바라기하고  장미   :  sunflower and rose

[hae-ba-ra-ki-ha-go jang-mi]

  1. 수국하고  수선화   :   hydrangea and daffodil

[soo-gook-ha-go soo-seon-hwa]   

  1. 참치김밥하고  불고기김밥   :   Tuna Kimbop and Bulgoki Kimbop

[cham-chee kim-bap-ha-go bul-go-ki kim-bap]

  1. 라면하고  떡볶이  :   ramyeon and Tokbokki

[ra-myun-ha-go teok-bbok-ki]   

 10.  방탄소년단하고  엑소  :   BTS and EXO

[bang-tan-so-nyeon-dan-ha-go exo]   

11.   슈가하고  지민  :   Sugar and Jimin

[syu-ga-ha-go ji-min]   

12.   카이하고  수호 :  Kai and Suho

[kai-ha-go su-ho]   


Since you know how to combine two nouns together in Korean, you can incorporate them in sentences in Korean.

For example, do you remember how to say, “I Like You” in Korean? You can incorporate the above examples, instead of ‘you’ in sentences.

I like Noun + [ha-go] 하고+ Noun.

13.  Polite form:   방탄소년단하고  엑소를  좋아해요.  (I like BTS and EXO.)

                        [bang-tan-so-nyeon-dan-ha-go exo-reul jo-a-hae-yo]      

14.  Polite form:   수호하고  카이좋아해요.   (I like Suho and Kai.)

                        [su-ho-ha-go kai-reul jo-a-hae-yo]   

15.  Polite form:  축구하고  야구를  좋아해요.  (I like soccerand baseball.)

[chook-goo-ha-go ya-goo-reul  jo-a-hae-yo]   

16.  Polite form:  라면하고  떡볶이를  좋아해요.   (I like ramyeon and Tokbokki.)

[ra-myun-ha-go teok-bbok-ki-reul jo-a-hae-yo]  ]


I hope you will find “하고 (and),” useful when you express your thoughts in Korean in a clearer way, when you combine two nouns together.

감사합니다. (Thank you!)

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