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Basic Phrases Posted by on Jul 1, 2009 in Korean Language

I tried to think of some useful phrases that might be useful at some point in your life.

여보세요 – (yoboseyo) hello (only used when answering the phone)

내일 만나요 – (neil manayo) see you tomorrow (literally, “meet tomorrow”)

다음에 또 봐요 – (daume ddo bayo) see you again next time

나중에 봐요 – (najunge bayo) see you later

잘 가요 – (jal kayo) take care (used when someone is about to leave)

수고했어요 – (sugo hessoyo) this one is hard to translate. It means something like, “good work” or “good job”.

조심하세요 – (joshimhaseyo) be careful

환영합니다 – (hwanyunghamnida) welcome

어서오세요 – (uhsooseyo) welcome, but in the context of a store or restaurant to a customer coming in

둘어오세요 – (duluhoseyo) “come in”, when inviting a guest over to your home

행운을 빌어요 – (hengunul beroyo) good luck

잠시만 기다리세요 – (jamshiman gidariseyo) please wait a moment

도와 주세요 – (dowa juseyo) please help me

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  1. Stian Weideman:

    Hi there.

    I am looking for some korean fighting phrases.

    I’m looking for the writing of something like:

    Never Back Down or

    Fight to the bitter end (I believe there is a saying for this, somthing like shum-po or something like that) or

    Indomitable Spirit (I do Taekwon-do)

    Anything that means that you won’t give up.




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