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Korean Onomatopoeia Posted by on Jun 28, 2009 in Korean Language

Today’s post is on 의성어 or onomatopoeias. I’d say that some of these are close to the English version, while others are radically different.

1) – is a sound that is made something hits the ground. Like for example, if you fall down the stairs and your head hits the floor.

2) 멍멍 – is the sound of a dog barking.

3) 꿀꿀 – is the sound of a pig. Kind of like oink, oink.

4) 딩동댕 – the sound of a doorbell. Like ding dong.

5) 개골개골 – the sound a frog makes. Like ribbit ribbit.

6) 짹짹 – this sound is a cute sound made by birds. Like tweet, tweet.

7) 송송 – is the sound made when food is being finely chopped with a knife.

8) 콜콜콜 – is the sound of someone snoring or sleeping. Like zzz…

9) 부르릉 – the sound the engine of a car makes. Like vroooom.

10) 야옹 – the sound a cat makes. Like meouw.

11) 똑똑 – is the sound of water dripping. Like drip drop.

12) 캐캐캐 – is the sound of laughter. Like hahaha.

13) 꿀꺽꿀꺽 – is the sound of gulping water.

14) 냠냠 – is the sound of chewing food.

15) 똑딱똑딱 – is the sound of a clock ticking.


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