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Getting around Seoul by the Subway Posted by on Aug 30, 2017 in Korean Language, Vocabulary

서울에 오신 것을 환영합니다! (Welcome to Seoul!) When you arrive in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, do you know how to get around this quaint and fun-filled city?

서울 (Seoul) has well developed public transit systems, and you will notice easy access to the 택시 (taxi), 버스 (bus), and 지하철 (subway) services throughout Seoul. In this post, you will learn useful vocabulary relating to the  지하철 (subway) and detailed information that will guide you on how to use the 지하철  system in Seoul.

지하철  system is clean, convenient, and an efficient way to get around the city. This system provides many signs, names of stations, and announcements in the English language. There are total of nine different 지하철  lines, and they are color coded for easy recognition. It is simple to route your trip and figure out transfer stations when in need.

The following is a list of vocabulary and YouTube link that will be helpful when you ride the 지하철  in Seoul.

  • 지하철    (subway)
  • ______ 호선    (line number ____ )

ex) 1호선 (line number 1),  2호선 (line number 2), and 3호선 (line number 3)

* Sino Korean numbers are used when you refer to a line number. If you

need to review the Korean numbers, please read my previous article, SOS: HELP with Korean Numbers and Counters. 

  • _____ 역    (_____ Station)

ex) 서울 (Seoul Station), 신도림 (Sindorim Station)

  • 요금    (fare)
  •     (ticket)
  • 교통카드    (transit card)
  • 나가는 곳 = 출구    (exit)
  • 갈아타는 곳    (transfer)
  • 이번 역    (this stop/station)
  • 다음 역    (next stop/station)
  • 내리실 문    (the door to exit)
  • 오른쪽    (right side)
  • 왼쪽    (left side)

The following site provides detailed information on how to read the subway map, how to transfer to a different line, how to pay for your fare, and fare amounts, and so on.


Although 지하철  becomes crowded during rush hour, as many other major cities around the world, riding the 지하철  in Seoul is one of the most efficient and convenient ways to explore Seoul.

감사합니다! (Thank you!)

***Related Vocabulary***

  1. 서울    (Seoul)
  2. 택시    (taxi)
  3. 버스    (bus)
  4. 지하철    (subway)
  5. ______ 호선    (line number ____ )

ex) 1 (line number 1),  2호선 (line number 2),  and 3호선 (line number 3)

6. _____     (_____ Station)

ex) 서울 (Seoul Station),  신도림 (Sindorim Station)

7. 요금    (fare)

8.     (ticket)

9. 교통카드    (transit card)

10. 나가는 곳 = 출구    (exit)

11. 갈아타는 곳    (transfer)

12. 이번 역    (this stop/station)

13. 다음 역    (next stop/station)

14. 내리실 문    (the door to exit)

15. 오른쪽    (right side)

16. 왼쪽    (left side)

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