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Abnormal Summit, a Unique Korean TV Show Posted by on Sep 6, 2017 in Culture, Korean Culture, Korean Language

Are you trying to keep up with learning Korean, but losing your motivation to study Korean? How about watching a Korean TV show that is filled with humor and hosts fluent Korean speakers from around the world? You might be able to picture yourself at their level of fluency in Korean someday. If they can do it, you can do it, too!

The Korean TV show, 비정상 회담 (Abnormal Summit, aka Non-summit), could be a great way to engage in learning about the Korean culture and the language.

비정상 회담  first aired in July 2014. 비정상 회담  consists of three Korean hosts and a panel of 11 foreigners. These foreigners are from many different parts of the world, including Belgian, Canada, China, France, Japan, Turkey, and more. These foreigners live in South Korea and speak fluent Korean. Although their levels of fluency in Korean are different, they carry on entire discussions in Korean. Several cast members have achieved amazing levels of fluency in Korean. As guests, famous people from various fields also participate on the show.

The cast members discuss a wide range of topics. For examples, they will cover smart phone usage, dreams vs. reality, drinking culture, fashion trends, the political situation between South and North Korea, and so on. These are some real topics from 비정상 회담 : “I feel uncomfortable with all this attention,” “My dream comes before reality,” “Living together before marriage.” It is fascinating to hear when cast members talk about their own experiences living in Korea, personal insights, and the stance of their home countries concerning certain topics. Their discussions are filled not only with valuable opinions but also a great deal of humor.

비정상 회담  will expose you to various topics and vocabulary in Korean. It will also help you to gain insight into Korean culture through foreigners’ eyes and learn about different cultures in many different countries. I hope you will enjoy watching the show.

감사합니다! (Thank you!)

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