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Today, you are going to learn how to say possessive marker (‘s) which means someone or something belong to someone or someone else. The grammar point is “Noun + 의” and it pronounces /ae/.  저의 = 제 = My (It is for polite situation when you talk with older than you or talk with stranger).  나의 = 내 = My (It is for causal situation when you talk with your friends). Let’s take look at some basic examples below.

My computer 저의 컴퓨터/ jeo ae cumputer/  or 제 컴퓨터

My car    저의 차/ jeo ae cha/ or 제 차

Mr. Kim’s job is teacher  미스터 김의 직업은 선생님입니다/ Mr kim ae jic eop eun seon saeng nim im ni da/

Who is your friend?  누가 당신의 친구입니까?/ nu ga dang sin ae chin gu im ni ka/

Love’s power  사랑의 힘/ sa lang ae him/

I helped my younger brother do his homework. 저는 남동생의 숙제를 도와줬어요/jeo nun nam dong saeng ae sook jae lul do wa joec seo yo/


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