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How to Say Pretty and Beautiful, in Korean Posted by on Apr 18, 2018 in Grammar, Korean Language, Vocabulary

What are your most frequently used words lately? Mine are ‘pretty’ and ‘beautiful’ because I have been enjoying pretty spring weather outside, warm sunshine on my face, and most of all, beautiful spring blossoms here and there. This post is about how to say ‘pretty’ and ‘beautiful in Korean.

You will often hear these two Korean words, ‘[yeppeuda]예쁘다’  and ‘[ah-reum-dap-da] 아름답다’  from Korean speakers. You can use them to describe your favorite Korean celebrity, to complement someone around you, or to simply describe something that make you happy because it is pretty or beautiful.

A word, ‘[yeppeuda] 예쁘다’  means pretty in English. ‘예쁘다’  is a basic adjective form in Korean, and you can use them in three different ways, as follows:

  1. 예쁩니다 (pretty) – formal


  1. 예뻐요 (pretty) – polite


  1. 예뻐 (pretty) – casual


If you have been attracted to spring blossoms and their vibrant colors, as I have, you can definitely use ‘예쁘다’ to describe your favorite flowers. You can also use ‘예쁘다’ to complement your friends and coworkers, or describe something pretty around you.

4.  분홍색 진달래가 예쁩니다. (Pink azaleas are pretty.) – formal

[boon-hong-sak jin-dal-la-ga ye-ppeum-ni-da]

5.  정말 예뻐요. (It’s really pretty.) – polite

[Jung-mal ye-ppuh-yo]

6.  눈이 예뻐. (Eyes are pretty.) – casual

[noon-ee ye-ppuh]

A word, ‘[ah-reum-dap-da]아름답다’  means beautiful in English. ‘아름답다’  is a basic adjective form in Korean, and you can use it in three different ways, as follows:

7.  아름답습니다 (beautiful) – formal


8.  아름다워요 (beautiful) – polite


9.  아름다워 (beautiful) – casual


This Korean word, ‘아름답다’  would be a useful word for you to remember: to describe beautiful people around you or to comment on your favorite K-entertainer who is beautiful, to describe beautiful scenery in Korea, or simply talk about something beautiful around you.

10.  제주도가 아름답습니다. (The Jeju island is beautiful.) – formal

[je-ju-do-ga ah-reum-dap-seup-ni-da]

11.  목소리가 아름다워요. (Voice is beautiful.) – polite

[mok-so-ri-ka ah-reum-da-wo-yo]

12.  에이핑크 손나은 정말 아름다워. (Apink Son Na-eun is really beatutiful.) – casual

[Apink Son-Na-eun jung-mal ah-reum-da-wo]

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and soon will be ready to use these two Korean words, ‘[yeppeuda]예쁘다’  and ‘[ah-reum-dap-da] 아름답다’ to complement people around you or simply describe pretty/beautiful things around you in Korean.

감사합니다. (Thank you!)

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  1. Maleeha:

    Hey, I’m from Pakistan, I find Korea and the language really cool! I learned it just for fun, well, um.. Not really it was mainly because I really liked the k-dramas! And not being able to understand what they’re saying was getting annoying! I just love the way the k-dramas have a variety of themes, having comedy, action, romance and everything together! They’re so addicting though! 😀

    • Kyung-Hwa:

      @Maleeha An-nyeong-ha-se-yo!(안녕하세요!– Hello!)😀
      It is awesome to hear that people from diverse backgrounds study the Korean language.
      I am excited to hear that you enjoy Korean culture and motivated to study Korean. Many of my friends also have started to study Korean because they fell in love with K-dramas, movies, food, music, and so on.
      Good luck learning Korean!!!

    • Kyung-Hwa:

      @Maleeha Tristian, an-nyeong-ha-se-yo!!!
      Thank you for your kind comments on Korean culture!
      I am happy to hear that you enjoyed your stay in Korea ^___^
      Where was your favorite place to visit in South Korea?

      I have many friends from central and south America, and they reminde me of Korean people as well: family-oriented, friendly, and great food.
      I hope you are still motivated to learn Korean. I am picking up some Spanish from my friends.

  2. malou:

    pls help me i want to learn korean language

    • Kyung-Hwa:

      @malou An-nyeong-ha-se-yo!(안녕하세요!– Hello!)
      I am trying to make my Korean blog as useful as possible for Korean learners. I have posted articles regarding the Korean alphabet, numbers, romanization, and so on. These articles will be helpful for you to learn basic information about the Korean language.
      Good luck!

  3. Janiya:

    An-nyeong-ha-se-yo!!! I really wanted to learn korean because My friends always speak it around me (well have of the time)!!! Hahaha…. Well, I love BTS ( IM A PART OF THE A.R.M.Y.) and KPOP!!! Especially Got7 ( IM FANGIRLING SO MUCH RIGHT NOW HAHAHA) Well Yes I would LOVE to learn korean.

    • Kyung-Hwa:

      @Janiya An-nyeong-ha-se-yo!!!
      Sorry for the dealyed response. Many of my friends learn to read and speak Korean through K-dramas and KPops.Since you have Korean speakers around you, you might be able to practice your learning with your friends, too. I have friends who speak Spanish around me, and I have learned a lot from just listening to their conversations and asking them questions.
      Good luck!

  4. Maya:

    Hiii, I’m from sweden and I find Korea a very beautiful and interesting place. I also love the culture and language! Actually I’m trying to learn Hangul but sometimes it’s hard because I only understand a little bit but I can’t read which makes me go insane but my plan is to try to learn how to read the wonderful language and of course to understand more. I learned actually Hangul by kdramas and Kpop 😉 I hope this blog is useful and good for learning HANGUL.