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Telephone Vocabulary and Phrases in Korean #1 Posted by on Apr 25, 2018 in Korean Language, Vocabulary

Our phone is becoming an essential part of our lives. Can you count how many times that you used your phone today? Talking on the phone in a foreign language might be a challenging task to many people. However, learning to speak on the phone can be a great way to improve your listening and speaking skills in the Korean language.

In this post, we will explore basic vocabulary regarding the telephone, and the next post will be about the useful phrases that you can apply to your telephone conversation in Korean.

  1. [jeon-hwa] 전화 : telephone
  2. [hue-dae-pon] 휴대폰  or  [hand-pon] 핸드폰 : Cellular phone
  3. [seu-ma-teu-pon] 스마트폰 : smart phone
  4. [yeo-bo-se-yo] 여보세요 : it means “Hello” in English. Korean people use this to answer their phones or to grab attention from someone.
  5. [jeon-hwa-ha-da] 전화하다 : to make a phone call in English.

ex) 지금 친구한테 전화해요. (I am making a phone call to my friend now.)

6.  [jeon-hwa-reol bad-da] 전화를 받다 : to answer a phone call

ex) 친구한테 전화를 받고 있어요. (I am answering a phone call from my friend.)

7.  [jeon-hwa-reol kkeun-da] 전화를 끊다 : to hang up the phone call.

ex) 조금 전에 친구랑 전화를 끊었어요(I just hung up the phone call with my friend.)

8.  [young-sang tong-hwa] 영상 통화 : video call

9.  [young-sang tong-hwa-ha-da] 영상 통화하다 : to have a video call

10.  [moon-ja] 문자 : text message

11.  [moon-ja-reol bo-nae-da] 문자를 보내다 : to sent a text message

ex) 지금 친구한테 문자를 보내요. (I am sending a text message to my friend now.)

12.  [buh-teon] 버튼 : button

13.  [buh-teon] 버튼을 누르다 : to push a button

ex) 전원 버튼을 누르세요. (Push the power button, please.)

14.  [jing-dong mo-deo] 진동 모드 : vibration mode

15.  [jing-dong mo-deo-ro ba-kkoo-da] 진동 모드로 바꾸다 : to set one’s cell phone to vibration mode.

ex) 진동 모드로 바꿔주세요. (Put your cell phone in vibration mode, please.)

16.  [me-se-ji] 메세지 : message

17.  [me-se-ji-reol nam-ki-da] 메세지를 남기다 : to leave a message

ex) 소리가 메세지를 남겨 주세요. (Please, leave a message after the beep.)

18.  [jeon-hwa-reol jal-mot geol-da] 전화를 잘못 걸다 : to have a wrong number

ex) 미안합니다, 전화를 잘못 걸었네요. (I am sorry. I have the wrong number.)

I hope this post will help you to increase your fluency in Korean.

감사합니다. (Thank you!)

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