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Hwache (화채) is a term used to refer to a type of traditional Korean drink that is made of fruits. Subak Hwachae (수박화채) is one example of this type of drink. “Subak Hwachae” is a watermelon drink. This drink is very popular in the summer months because it’s a cool drink that includes watermelon, ice, and other fruits. Some people make this drink by using the watermelon rind as the container and scooping out the watermelon with a melon baller. Others just place the watermelon and ice in a bowl.

Yuja hwachae (유자화채) is a drink made with yuja (유자). Yuja is a Korean citrus fruit that is similar to a mandarin orange. The rind of the yuja and the fruit is shredded into long, thin slices. Some people also add some shredded pear slices topped with cherries. The yuja is typically not consumed; it is only placed in the drink to give it a tangy flavor. Since the yuja is slightly bitter in taste, some sugar and water is added. Even if the sugar is added, this drink is much healthier than any canned fruit drinks at the store.

Bae Hwachae (배화채) is a hwachae made with pears. The pears are usually cut into flower or star shaped pears. Then some pine nuts are thrown in with the pears. To make the liquid, mix some honey, cold water and omija (오미자). Omija is a type of Korean berries. If you don’t have berries, you can use other small berries, like raspberries or blackberries. With Subak Hwachae, the watermelon already contains a lot of water that can be used in the drink, but with Bae Hwachae, a separate liquid drink has to be made.

Milgam Hwachae (밀감화채) is a hwachae made with milgam (밀감). Milgam is a type of small orange that is especially plentiful in the Jeju Province (제주도). First, some water and sugar is mixed together and boiled under low heat. Then the mixture is left to cool in the refrigerator. When the drink becomes cold, the milgam is placed in the drink. Some people prefer to coat the milgam with sugar first, then when the milgam absorbs the sugar, it is placed in cold water.

Ddalgi Hwachae (딸기화채) is a hwachae made with strawberries. Some people like to mix some sugar and water together to make the drink. Others like to use milk and sugar to make the drink, while others prefer to use carbonated soda as the drink. Some people also like to place a scoop of ice cream on top, so that it becomes an ice cream strawberry drink. Some people even pour a little alcohol and carbonated soda with the strawberries.


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