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Important South Korean Holidays in October Posted by on Oct 4, 2017 in Korean Language

South Korea has a total of sixteen official holidays per year. There are generally two national holidays in October of every year, but there will be three of them this October. In this article, we will talk about three official holidays that take place in October of 2017.

개천절 (the national Foundation Day) and 한글날 (the Hangeul Proclamation Day) are the two holidays that are usually in October. Interestingly, one of the most celebrated Korean holidays 추석 (Chuseok) falls on October 4th in 2017. Therefore, 개천절, 한글날,  and 추석  are the three official holidays in October 2017.

  • 개천절 (the National Foundation Day) is on October 3 of every year, and it is a day to celebrate the birth of the Korean nation in 2333 BC. Every year, a small ceremony is held at 참성단 (Chamsungdan) on 마니산 정상 (Mani Mountain Peak) in 강화도 (Kwanghwa province). There are many parades and festivals throughout the country to celebrate the 개천절 .


  • 한글날 (the Hangeul Proclamation Day) is on October 9 of every year, and it is a day to honor the creation of the Korean alphabet. 한글 (Korean script) was created by King Sejong, and October 9, 2017 will be the 571st year since the 한글 system was announced in 1446. There will be special events or various exhibitions that you can go to celebrate 한글날.


  • 추석 (Chuseok) is one of the most celebrated holidays in Korea, and it is very similar to a Thanksgiving in America. Koreans observe 추석  on the 15th of August of the lunar calendar, and 추석  takes place on October 4th this year. People usually take three days off from work. People will wear 한복 (traditional Korean attire), honor their ancestors with  차례 (an ancestral ritual), and enjoy a great feast with their loved ones. 송편 (special rice cake eaten during 추석 ) is one of the special food that Koreans make to celebrate 추석.

Due to the special circumstances of the Korean holidays this year, the Korean government announced the October 2nd and 6th as temporary holidays. The government cannot force private sectors to follow this decision, however many workers who serve in the public sectors will be able to enjoy 10 consecutive golden holidays (September 30-October 9) to visit with their loved ones and rest well this year.

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