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Loanwords in the Korean Language Posted by on Sep 27, 2017 in Korean Language, Vocabulary

Have you ever heard any Korean words that sounded like English words, but you couldn’t quite figure out the exact words in English? In this post, we will explore a list of loanwords that are often used by native Korean speakers.

콩글리시 (Konglish) and 외래어  are loanwords that derived from another language, and they are parts of the three main components of the Korean language: pure Korean words, Sino-Korean words, and loanwords.

Since Koreans incorporate a great number of 외래어  in their everyday conversation, especially borrowed from English, 외래어  are very useful words to learn when you study the Korean language.

The following are often used 외래어  in Korean. Although you will know the meaning of the following words, their pronunciation might sound quite foreign to your ears. Sometimes you might find yourself scratching your head because the pronunciation has been altered and Koreanized. You will need some practice to become familiar with the Koreanized pronunciations of these 외래어.

When you hear the above 외래어  from Korean speakers next time, I hope you won’t scratch your head in confusion. To become familiar with their pronunciation of these words, please refer to the following list and audio recording at the bottom of this post. I hope these 외래어  will help you to build fluency in Korean.

감사합니다! (Thank you!)

***Related Vocabulary***

*외래어 : are Korean words that are derived from another language because there is

no equivalent or substitute words for them in the Korean   language.

  1. 버스    (bus)
  2. 택시    (taxi)
  3. 슈퍼마켓    (supermarket)
  4. 커피숍    (coffee shop)
  5. 부페    (Buffet style restaurant)
  6. 컴퓨터    (computer)
  7. 바이러스    (virus)
  8. 버터    (butter)
  9. 피자    (pizza)
  10. 햄버거    (hamburger)
  11. 샌드위치    (sandwich)
  12. 스포츠    (sports)
  13. 골프    (golf)
  14. 코치    (coach)
  15. 모델    (model)
  16. 코메디 쇼    (comedy show)
  17. 달러    (dollar)
  18. 쇼핑    (shopping)
  19. 알레르기    (allergy)
  20. 비타민    (vitamin)
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