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Korean Expressions That Might Save Your Hair in Korea Posted by on May 12, 2020 in Culture, Korean Language, Vocabulary

Can you imagine how many people are wanting to see their hairdresser during this quarantine period? Before I started traveling, I used to go to one favorite hairdresser for several years. He was a quiet man, but I always was happy with his skills. I often miss him whenever I have to risk my hair in the hands of a new hairdresser in a new country.

Today, I am going to teach you important Korean expressions that you will want to remember if you are getting a haircut in Korea.


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Depending on what area in Korea you are getting your hair cut, it can be relatively cheaper than cutting hair in America since tipping a hairdresser in Korea is not common. Although if you color or perm your hair, the whole process can be pricy even without a tip.

If you are getting just a haircut in Korea, the price would be likely straightforward, unless you go to a luxurious boutique. Most 미용실 (mee-yong-sil: hair salon) will display a pricelist at the front of the shop. However, if you are coloring your hair or getting a perm, I strongly recommend asking your hairdresser how much it would cost because some hairdressers charge extra depending on the length of hair.

Keeping the smooth and nice texture of the hair seems to be one of the beauty regimens in Korea. Your hairdresser might ask you if you want 클리닉 (clinic: hair treatment). If you want it, ask how much it would be as well.


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Here are common Korean expressions you might want to know.


  • 얼마예요? (uhl-mah-yeo-yo?: How much is it?)


  • 헤어 (hair-cut: haircut)


  • 머리 (muh-ree: hair)


  • 머리결 (muh-ree-gyul: the texture of hair)


  • 머리결이 좋다. (muh-ree-gyul-ee-joh-tah: the texture of hair is good.)


  • 머리결이 나쁘다. (muh-ree-gyulee-nah-puh-dah: the texture of hair is bad.)


  • 머리 잘라주세요. (mur-ree- jahl-la -joo-seh-yo: Give me a haircut, please.)


  • 어떻게 잘라 드릴까요? (uh-dduk-hae- jahl-la-duh-ree-kha-yo? : how do you want your haircut?)


  • 앞머리 (ahp-mur-ree: the bangs)


  • 앞머리만 잘라 주세요. (ahp-mur-ree-mahn- jahl-la-joo-seh-yo.: Cut my bangs only, please.)


  • 다듬어 주세요. (dah-dum-uh- jahl-joo-she-yo.: just trim my hair, please.)


  • 일자로 잘라 주세요. (ill-jah-roh-jal-la-joo-she-yo.: I want a blunt haircut, please.)


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  • 주세요. (cheung-nae-joo-she-yo: layered cut, please.)


  • 주세요. (sut-chuh-joo-she-yo: thinning my hair, please.)


  • 기장 (gee-jang: the length of hair)


  • 추가금 (choo-gah-gum: extra charge)


  • 기장 추가금 있음 (gee-jang-choo-gah-gum-it-sum: there is an extra charge for the long hair)


  • 기장 추가금 없음 (gee-jang-choo-gah-gum-up-sum: there are no extra charges for the long hair)



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  • 염색 (yeom-saek: coloring the hair)


  • 염색해 주세요. (yeom-saekhae-joo-she-yo: I want to color my hair.)


  • 브리지 (bridge: highlights)


  • 뿌리 염색 (bboo-ree-yeom-saek: coloring the roots only)


  • 전체 염색 (jeon-chae- yeom-saek: coloring the whole hair)



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  • 파마 (pah-mah: hair perm)


  • 파마 주세요. (hae-joo-she-yo: I want to perm my hair.)


  • 웨이브 파마 (wave-pah-mar: wavy perm)


  • 매직 파마 (magic-pah-mar: permanently straightening hair)


  • 볼륨 매직 (volume magic: permanently volumizing hair)


  • 헤어 스타일 (hairstyle)


  • 마음에 들어요. (mah-um-e-dul-uh-yo: I like it.)


  • 마음에 들어요. (mah-um-e-ahn-dul-uh-yo: I don’t like it.)


  • ·  감사합니다. (gam-sa-hab-ni-da: thank you.)
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