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Modern Korean Weddings Posted by on Jan 7, 2010 in Culture

Modern Korean weddings are much like Western weddings, in that the bride wears a fancy white dress, and the groom wears a black suit. However, modern Korean weddings are traditional in the sense that the close relatives of the bride and goom who are female, wear a 한복. The mother of the groom wears a blue 한복 while the mother of the bride wears a pink 한복. Also it’s not unusual for the relatives of the bride and groom, including the bride and groom, to wear white gloves at the wedding ceremony. Only the close relatives of the bride and groom pin a flower, (like a carnation) to the chest area.

Usually the bride (신부) waits in the 대기실 or the waiting room. Friends of the bride and any well wishers spend time with the bride in the waiting room. The friends of the bride usually offer words of encouragement and comment on how pretty the bride looks. This is the time that people also take pictures with the bride as well. Meanwhile, the groom (신랑) and his family, as well as the bride’s family are waiting near the entrance of the hallway to greet the guests. The groom and his family as well as the bride’s family shake the guest’s hands, bow and thank the guests for coming.

It’s customary for the guests to bring a white envelope with the guest’s name on it. The white envelope will contain money for the bride and groom. This money is called 축의금. The amount of money depends on the guest. Usually people close to the bride and groom tend to give more money. Technically you don’t have to pay to attend the wedding, but since most people pay, it’ll probably look bad if you don’t. Also, some weddings have a separate area where a receptionist takes down the name of the person and the amount the person gave, so eventually the bride and groom will find out who paid and how much.

The bride may also throw a bouquet of flowers to one of her girlfriends. It’s often prearranged beforehand as to who will get the bouquet. Pictures are also taken, and the couple will perform several final bows to the audience, and to family members. Usually after the wedding ceremony, the couple and the guests will enter the 피로연장 or the reception hall. This is usually where the guests are served a meal. Some weddings have a MC or a person who introduces the couple and the couple’s family. Sometimes entertainment like music is provided. Usually the wedding lasts no more than a couple of hours and everyone goes home happy.

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