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Natural Monuments of South Korea Posted by on Sep 20, 2011 in Culture

South Korea is a beautiful country with many flora and geological formations. There are several Natural Monuments (천연기념물) of South Korea that are popular among tourists. One of these places is the Natural Habitat of Crinum Lily in Gujwaeup (제주 토끼섬 문주란 자생지). Crinum Lilies are white flowers that bloom from July to September on Jeju Island (제주도). These lilies were once in danger of being exterminated be overpicking, but now they are protected by law.

Another popular natural monument in South Korea is the Ginkgo Tree of Yongmunsa Temple (양평 용문사 은행나무). This Ginkgo tree is estimated to be over 1000 years old. It is 135 feet tall and changes color in the fall. Normally the leaves of this Ginkgo tree are green, but in the fall they turn yellow. From afar the yellow leaves make this Ginkgo tree look like a magical golden tree that you read about in fairy tales.

The Turtle Rocks of Unpyeongri (운평리 구상 화강암) is my favorite natural monument in South Korea. They are located in the city of Sangju (상주시) in Gyeongsanbuk Province (경상북도). The Turtle Rocks of Unpyeongri are a bunch of rocks. They are named ‘Turtle Rocks’ because the rocks look like the designs you see on the shells of turtles. These Turtle Rocks were naturally formed in this day, which I think is quite amazing!

Herons are majestic creatures with retractable, long, graceful necks, which is why the Breeding Ground of Herons in Jincheon (진천 노원리 왜가리 번식지) in Chungcheongbuk Province (충청북도) is considered an important natural monument. The Herons in Jincheon rely on the Gingko trees as their habitat, which is why there are extensive efforts being made to protect the Gingko trees in the area.

The Gimnyeongguland Manjanggul Caves of Jejudo (제주도 김녕굴 및 만장굴) is another cool natural monument in South Korea. The Cave in the photo was enhanced by artificial green lighting for a tourism exhibition. Since it’s hard to see the Caves at night, the lighting gives the visitor an inner glimpse of the interior of the Caves.


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